Manager: Overeem's priority is to fight ASAP, title or not

by Damon Martin | source:

“Right now, he’s not even licensed, so the UFC’s hands are tied. The UFC can’t book him a fight until he gets licensed. So right now it’s all talk,” said Overeem’s manager Glenn Robinson of Authentic Sports Management when speaking to

Assuming Overeem is able to get a fight license in Nevada as soon as the Dec. 27 date passes, there’s still no guarantee he would get to compete for the belt right away. UFC 155 still has to happen, and dos Santos and Velasquez have to face off one more time.

There are no guarantees that either fighter will come away without a scratch that would likely push back another title bout further into 2013.

“Based upon when he gets licensed and it also depends on if the winner of dos Santos and Cain fight comes out unscathed. What if the winner comes out and has an injury and doesn’t want to fight for eight months? So there’s a lot of ‘what ifs,’ so right now we’re just focusing on getting licensed, and once we get licensed then we’ll figure out who we’re going to fight,” Robinson stated.

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Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

10/25/12 11:37 AM by Zed Wayne Zed

Yes, the sheer insanity of physiques alone would shatter many a man's tellybox.Maybe they could do a Rick Rude/Ultimate Warrior flex-off at the weigh-in, and then fight as per schedule.

Warriormmd site profile image  

10/25/12 11:32 AM by Warriormmd

Cormier vs Overeem for #1 contender Makes sense for both of them and Cormier deserves a contender fight IMO.

matazurka site profile image  

10/25/12 8:45 AM by matazurka

After he get licensed and he does not want to wait a fight against Cormier makes sense. But he should just wait for the title-shot I guess. April/may 2013 will be the date of his title-shot. If you have already waited for a year a couple of extra months of waiting would n't be a problem I think.

nolabrum site profile image  

10/25/12 8:18 AM by nolabrum

Overeem vs StruveLevar JohnsonBig Nog

flipmode site profile image  

10/25/12 7:47 AM by flipmode

overeem v kongo ultimate scary looking black dudes

radiobaby site profile image  

10/25/12 4:31 AM by radiobaby

I would love to never see that fight again for the rest of my life.

The Overseer site profile image  

10/25/12 4:27 AM by The Overseer

I want him to have a rematch with Werdum.

radiobaby site profile image  

10/25/12 4:24 AM by radiobaby

Love that idea.

sgotwalks site profile image  

10/25/12 3:52 AM by sgotwalks

I like this idea.........or Pat Berry for the slugfest!