White: If you don't like Sonnen vs. Jones bout, don't buy the PPV

source: mmafighting.com

While White said he's pumped for the upcoming UFC 154 and 155 shows, talk quickly turned to the upcoming The Ultimate Fighter feature light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and outspoken Chael Sonnen as well as a possible superfight between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva.

First off White addressed fans responses to Sonnen getting the shot for TUF despite his back-to-back losses to middleweight king Silva.

"I had tons of fans begging me to make that fight. Just to make it clear from the last press conference when they talk about all the top contenders and all the top contenders whining who didn't get that fight. I called every single one of them and they turned it down," White said. "Chael Sonnen accepted that fight on eight days notice, that's my kind of guy.

"There's tons of people who want to see Chael Sonnen, if you're not one of them, don't buy it. I'll guarantee you'll like the next fight, and if you don't like that one, we put on plenty of fights — there will be one that you do like."

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Recent Comments »

KingofBJJ site profile image  

10/26/12 1:59 PM by KingofBJJ

What you just said is both inaccuarate and makes no sense.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

10/26/12 1:57 PM by KingofBJJ

Not for long with that attitude.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

10/26/12 1:56 PM by KingofBJJ

I'll do ya one even better Dana, I won't watch the TUF shows either.Now you get a 2 fer!

Rickmeister site profile image  

10/26/12 11:34 AM by Rickmeister

I won't. Thx uncle fester

cald4891 site profile image  

10/26/12 11:26 AM by cald4891

Dana is on his way out.. 2nd time in as many months he sounds like a bitch and says " don't buy ". I didn't care last time I heard him say it do to the context, it was a good fight he was referring to. But the don't buy the ppv if u don't like the matchup? NO ONE LIKES THE FUCKING MATCHUP! IT'S A GODDAMN JOKE! So sad to see or say, but the UFC is looking more like the WWE by the minute. I don't think we r too far from scripted matches. Fucking Anderson hand picking cans to play up his legacy.. Bones Jones refusing to fight. FUCK DANA WHITE

SamboSlim187 site profile image  

10/26/12 8:35 AM by SamboSlim187

I don't mind the fight because I realized a long time ago that there us no ranking system in the UFC. They simply make fights that make money. With no ranking system or clear criteria to map out a path to a title shot, the UFC is purely for entertainment purposes only. It's not run like a sport. Bellator is run like a sport. With that said, I'll be pirating this event like Captain Jack Sparrow. Dana White doesn't want me buying his PPV's? Cool, I won't.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

10/26/12 8:28 AM by Lazer MMA

Will WV this TFU later Fightharder.

Virginio site profile image  

10/26/12 8:23 AM by Virginio

Well said!

fightharder site profile image  

10/26/12 5:55 AM by fightharder

That is just bad press by Dana.   I personally have great affinity and respect for Dana but to bring out this kind of statement really makes a mockery of the more serious fans. Though he can hardly come out and tell people that his hands are tied and that the money making oppertunities tied to the fight are just to big to pass up (they can potentially revive TUF, bring new energy to the FOX UFC relationship and get another big fight out of Sonnen,who is obviously at the end of his career) telling fans explicitely to fuck off if they do not like the fight is not only silly but also opposed to everything he is suppose to stand for as the president of the UFC and one of the premier ambassadors of MMA. I think Dana should talk a little more about what he will do for Hendo (who has even less time left then Sonnen) so us ''fans'' will be placated by the obvious injustice he had to suffered.   Its cool that people quote people who made likewise quotes as Dana (Al Fayyad the president of Fulham is quoted) but they would be wise to remember that Fayyad is seen as  a rather silly person in England and Fulham is (with all due respect) small time compared to the clubs in the Premier League.   The UFC is the premier outlet for MMA worldwide. Dana and the UFC claims they want to make the MMA the biggest sport in the world, they want it to become an Olympic sport and want it to be taken seriously and not be seen as mere entertainment.   If you then pull a stunt like this obviously coming from a position of weakness (TUF,relationship with FOX and PPV numbers in the States that have been lacking) you need to so some humility to fans. You do this by shutting up about the situation. You prevent this by having the fight at catchweight and  not making it for the title so you dont devalue the belts in the process. Dana incapability to do any of these things do show me the Zuffa and Dana have lost their way a little bit. So its a sad day for the game of MMA and for the rather illusterious career of Dana White.

JerodR site profile image  

10/26/12 2:22 AM by JerodR

Chael stepping up to fight a guy in a division he is not even in for a big pay day, and a chance at a title he had no right to fight for in the first place means absolutely NOTHING. Chael stepped up because he had absolutely nothing to lose in that situation. Machida turning down a fight with Jones is not a shocker. Machida knows, as most fighters do that when they work their way up to a title shot they have to make it count. They want to do the absolute best they are capable of because if they do not get that belt, they may never get another shot. Of course he is going to want a full training camp. This same rule did not apply to Sonnen.As far as the fight goes. Fighter, fans, and journalists all know Sonnen does not deserve this fight and nobody really wants to see it. Personally I will still see it because I would pay to watch Jones fight anyone. Jones is a very exciting fighter to watch. I would however much rather see anyone else in the division that has actually worked for that belt get a shot at it. Giving that shot to Sonnen is a slap in the face to EVERY fighter under the UFC banner. It showed them that no matter how hard you fight, train, or strive to be the best it means nothing because learning how to run your mouth will get you to the title shot much faster.