Good, Koreshkov advance; complete Bellator 78 results


Bellator 78 takes place tonight from the Nutter Center in Dayton, OH and features the semifinals of the welterweight tournament as well as two featured bouts.

Main Card (Live on MTV 2, 8:00 PM ET)

Lyman Good defeated Michail Tsarev by TKO (Strikes, 2nd Round, 3:54)
Andrey Koreshkov defeated Marius Zaromskis by TKO (1st Round, 2:14)
Brian Rogers defeated Dominique Steele by Unanimous Decision
Daniel Straus defeated Alvin Robinson by Submission (RNC, 2nd Round, 4:41)

Preliminary Card (Live on, 7:00 PM & 10:00 PM ET)

Justin McNally defeated David Blattman by Submission (Triangle choke, 1st Round, 0:38)
Rob Hanna defeated Rocky Edwards by Split Decision
Mikkel Parlo defeated Jared Combs by TKO (Strikes, 1st Round)
Billy Horne defeated Trey Houston by Submission (RNC, 1st Round)
Zoila Gurgel defeated Casey Noland by Unanimous Decision
Jason Butcher defeated Shaun Asher by Submission (Guillotine choke, 1st Round, 1:32)


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Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

10/31/12 1:44 PM by Nexuscrawlers

Some of that stuff isn't really under Bellator's control. It's the athletic commission's job to manage the referees and such.

flawlessvictory site profile image  

10/31/12 1:34 PM by flawlessvictory

I remember ... nice to meet you .

fishyfish site profile image  

10/28/12 2:16 PM by fishyfish

no, I didn't say I was a teammate of Tsarev.  I said Koreshkov (Tsarev's teammate) was on the mike 5 minutes later, and I was surprised he didn't say anything about a thumb in the eye, cause I would've. 

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

10/28/12 8:27 AM by Nexuscrawlers


SomeonesGettinBingoed site profile image  

10/28/12 7:35 AM by SomeonesGettinBingoed

Hey man, I read your comments saying that you are Tsarev teammate.I understand how you feel.But I gotta tell you that I've known Lyman Good for some years, and that guy is a fucking class act.When he saw the replay at the backstage he felt like shit. But he knows he didnt eyepoked Tsarev.He believes that his jab graced Tsarev eye. That's it.Then, on the heat of the fight and with all the adrenaline rushing in, he just jumped on Tsarev when he saw he was hurt. Cause he thought he was hurt, not asking for a timeout.

pidgey site profile image  

10/28/12 6:16 AM by pidgey

just watched the koreshkov zaromski fightholy late stoppage batman!eleven unanswered shots to the facei feel like this BS was overshadowed by the eye poke episode

fishyfish site profile image  

10/28/12 12:09 AM by fishyfish

yeah, those Russians are great, and they're doing so well, that so what if one of them gets poked in the eye.  thin the herd. I might be a bit excessive in my reaction cause I find it strange that there is like no discussion about it.  it just looks like everybody is looking the other way, maybe cause Lyman is otherwise such a great guy and would never do such a thing, perish the thought.  maybe not lots of folks who care about Bellator ? I'm not a partisan MMA fan.  I don't care who wins and loses, as long as it's a good fight.  it had the makings of a good fight, Lyman aggressive and imposing his will on Tsarev, Tsarev resilient and then going on the offensive, the fight warming up to have potential.  Lyman could have been nervous about Tsarev maybe turning the tide. I realize that these are serious accusations that I'm making.  but the video evidence consistently supports my theory that Lyman took a little moral license and won the fight as a result of that and the ref's incompetence. it completely looks like that, and nobody is saying a thing.  that's what I find so remarkable.  so I guess that's why I'm talking louder. even IF the thumb was accidental, any respectful and honourable martial artist, when faced with the possibility of having commited an accidental foul, would apologize and back off, and doubly so if the other guy is backing away, and the ref is stepping in. like that time Trigg kicked Hughes in the balls (accidentally ?) and it was obvious Hughes was hit in the balls, and Trigg went for the kill ?  that was low.  BJ Penn with the desperate thumbs in GSP's eyes in their 1st fight ?  Mind you I'm a huge BJ Penn fan, but I thought it showed poor sportsmanship.  excessive vaseline ?  punching the guy in the head right off the glove touch ?  poor sportsmanship.  I'm also making a fuss cause whenever these things happen, it's not great MMA.  poor judging, poor reffing.  poor sportsmanship also. better judges, better refs, sportsmanship by the fighters, video replays to help the ref in touchy situations.  things MMA needs. *** or is this just a case of "nothing to see here, folks." ?

Cock and Awe site profile image  

10/27/12 11:46 PM by Cock and Awe

THAT SAID, Bellator is getting better and better and I feel this is a one time incident.

Cock and Awe site profile image  

10/27/12 11:45 PM by Cock and Awe

Even WITHOUT the eye poke, it was a premature stoppage.Bellator needs to:a) be CONSISTENT with their stoppages. Some are too late others too early.b) Put a Russian/English speaking ref in there if there is a Russian fighter in there.(Zuffa does that, haven't you guys noticed Mario Yamasaki is always in there as ref when there are Brazilians who don't speak any English?)

mmavixen site profile image  

10/27/12 11:26 PM by mmavixen

I understand what it's like to root for someone and have a controversial decision.  But you can't insult and malign a guy like Lyman when at the end of the day, no one knows if that was intentional or not.  Listen, I understand you, you're passionate about the sport and the outcome, but from all accounts, Lyman is a really good, nice guy and a lot of people on this board have great things to say about him. There's a fine line between stating you opinion and fighter bashing.  You've called him a dirty American, a classless piece of shit/, etc.  Seriously, you're not doing your country any favors by being so beliigerent. At the end of the day, teh Russians are kicking ass in Bellator anyway, and they've made me a fan, so let's try to be a little classy and not get personal when insulting the fighters, okay? We can disagree with each other here, but the insults are superfluous and completely unnecessary, don't you think?