GSP: Frankie Edgar #1 fight P4P


UFC Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre sat down with LA Times' Lance Pugmire for a wide-ranging discussion that included who he feels are the top pound for pound fighters in MMA.

Lance Pugmire: There's great buzz now that with a victory over Condit, the UFC will make a fight between you and Anderson Silva. Are you ready for that fight now?

Georges St-Pierre: People want to make money, the most they can on pay-per-view buys. I'm ready for all the top guys, and some of them are in my division, Jon Fitch, Martin Kampmann. They want to fight me too. I cannot split myself in half or in threes. Right now, I'm not ready for any other guy than Carlos Condit. I don't know what's going to happen. I don't think about it.

LP: While you were gone, the landscape has changed. Jon Jones is dominating at light-heavyweight. Anderson convincingly beat Chael Sonnen. If you had to rank the top three fighters in the UFC now in order, who are they?

GSP: No. 1 is Frankie Edgar; he's the best pound-for-pound fighter we have.

LP: Wait, he's not even a champion.

GSP: He lost his fight to Benson Henderson only according to the judges. He was much stronger than Henderson.

LP: OK, who else is in the top three?

GSPJon Jones is No. 2, Anderson Silva's No. 3.

LP: You're out?

GSP: I haven't fought in a long time. I'm out of it. After Carlos Condit, maybe I'll be back.

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JBASS site profile image  

11/1/12 3:36 AM by JBASS

To be honest, if he was 6'1, 220lb then I don't think he would have as much success as he does utilizing his gameplans. His skills very much play into his reach and size advantage - not saying that's a bad thing at all, he is using his assets in a smart way and that is from some good coaching. I just want to see Jones face someone where alot of his advantage in size and reach are negated to see if he truly belongs on my P4P list. Gus would be the only fight at LHW would give me a good indicator. That's why I want to see him fight a HW. Maybe not JDS, but someone top ten. Struve...hmmm...

orcus site profile image  

11/1/12 2:44 AM by orcus

"If Jones can wreck guys in the HW division, then I will consider him in my own P4P ranking. But until then he is ranked lower than Aldo, Edgar, GSP, Silva and Bendo on my own personal list." Bendo probably had 10-15lb on Edgar and Guida, his last two opponents, which is at least as much as Jones had on Belfort (probably more) and much more than Jones had on Rashad -- and of course as a percentage of bodyweight, Bendo had a much bigger advantage. 

orcus site profile image  

11/1/12 2:37 AM by orcus

" P4P to me means that if you take that fighter and scale their body to the average size of that division and have them fight, they should win." How would you determine how good a, say, 6'1", 220lb-on-fight-night Jon Jones would be? He obviously would have an *entirely* different fighting style than he does now and use entirely different strategies in his fights; in no way would he be the same fighter, so how could you even begin to guess at how good he would be? How would a 6'3", 245lb Fedor have fought? Would he have had the same speed, base, style, and success as the shorter, lighter version did?  I will never understand the sense in trying to separate how "good" a fighter is from the physical traits that every iota of his style, evolution, and success are tied to.

JBASS site profile image  

11/1/12 2:30 AM by JBASS

Interesting - I wonder why GSP ranks Jon Jones so highly on his P4P list. I'm not one of those people who believe that Jones' size advantage has won him all of his fights, but I think it doesn't make sense to have someone rank highly on a P4P list when they hold a size advantage over their opponents. P4P to me means that if you take that fighter and scale their body to the average size of that division and have them fight, they should win. For sure, Jones has skills and talent, but he always seems to be so awkward. I think a smooth and relaxed guy with heavy hands could KO Jones at HW.If Jones can wreck guys in the HW division, then I will consider him in my own P4P ranking. But until then he is ranked lower than Aldo, Edgar, GSP, Silva and Bendo on my own personal list.

yusul site profile image  

11/1/12 1:27 AM by yusul

i like gsp being humble. i would rate silva #1, but there is a strong argument for jones being above him if you consider how he mauled his opponent.jones #2#3 i would put aldo right now over edgar. or gsp.

Soul Gravy site profile image  

10/31/12 8:45 PM by Soul Gravy

LOL @ people disagreeing with GSP.You fuckers wake up in the middle of surgery and instruct your doctor on where to make the incision, too?

Immaculata site profile image  

10/31/12 8:31 PM by Immaculata

Edgar should've won the rematch with Ben Henderson 3 rnds to 2. The reason I disagree with GSP is because Frankie legitimately lost the 1st fight to Ben and didn't deserve a rematch in the first place.

Chiron site profile image  

10/31/12 8:07 PM by Chiron

Love GSP but he's way off on that one. He's obviously just saying it because they're both Renzo's students. Acting like the judges view isn't valid because he disagrees is a bit much considering most people realize BJ beat Edgar the 1st time they fought and Edgar lost to Benson twice. The best P4P fighter in a division doesn't have damn near every fight go to a controversial decision and barely win more than half of them. The P4P #1 destroys most of his opponents - that's Anderson. If GSP truly felt Edgar was the #1 P4P then he wouldnt' be so afraid to fight Anderson.

UGCTT_I Got Fitched Up site profile image  

10/31/12 8:06 PM by UGCTT_I Got Fitched Up

Similar to how Anderson says BJ Penn is the best ever and top P4P I would imagine.

Chiron site profile image  

10/31/12 8:03 PM by Chiron

Edgar does cut to fight at 155, just not much. There are journals from USA TODAY when Edgar did a blog for them when training where he said he weighs in the low-to-mid 160's come fight time. And no, Bendo couldn't fight at 170. He's big for a LW, but the size difference is exaggerated by you nuts. You Edgar fans are as delusional as ever and have always exaggerated the size difference just like his goomba coaches do.