White 'guarantees' Silva vs. Jones will happen

source: mmamania.com

Tonight (Oct. 30, 2012), White held true to form in a live chat with fans that was hosted online by MetroPCS, which we covered with live update right here earlier this evening. When White was asked about a potential super fight between his Middleweight and Light Heavyweight champions, he was unwavering with his response.

"I guarantee you Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones will absolutely happen," he said. "It's happening. It will happen."

No potential dates, events or venues were addressed, but one would have to deduce that it would go down sooner rather than later based in large part on Silva's advanced position in his illustrious mixed martial arts (MMA) career. At 37 years young and with a perfect record (16-0) inside the Octagon, the lethal Brazilian has little left to accomplish before calling it quits.

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kevinxanthony site profile image  

11/1/12 11:27 AM by kevinxanthony


BshMstr site profile image  

11/1/12 11:19 AM by BshMstr

i don't see this fight happening, just because it will completely ruin the legitamacy of the UFC...if Silva wins, then the dominant LHW champ got beat by an aging MW. Silva will most likely retire, closing off the chance at a rematch.if JBJ wins, well, he's supposed to. he's bigger and younger....all it does is marr Silva's undefeated UFC record.and again, if this superfight happens, then it puts any title shots on hold in both divisions for another six months or so....as a fan, i'd like to see them fight, but i think this is a terrible business decision, for everyone involved.

Strykr619 site profile image  

11/1/12 5:10 AM by Strykr619

  I can see Anderson being "tactical" this whole fight. I don't see his muay thai plumb clinch holding Jones in check, nor do I think his TD defense is enough to hold Jones off. Also JBJ is going to gun for those legs via kicks to take away Silva's mobility, JBJ better becareful thou, Anderson can put you down if you get sloppy.    I do think Silva will try what Vitor did and pull guard, I think JBJ this time be rdy for that.  If Anderson loses IMO it doesn't hurt his resume. He will still be one of the all time greats in MMA. Win or lose it will be Silva's last MMA fight.  Lets hope it happens. 

C4mac site profile image  

11/1/12 5:02 AM by C4mac

The superfight truly worthy of the billing. Two amazing fighters, winner likely walks away with the GOAT tag. I'm wondering what the catchweight will be. Damn this would be an incredible fight.

Tom2gunsWright site profile image  

11/1/12 4:48 AM by Tom2gunsWright

Lyoto Machida is pretty similar to Anderson not long ago people were comparing the 2...

VitorSuckedBonesToes site profile image  

11/1/12 3:09 AM by VitorSuckedBonesToes

I'll believe it when the bell rings.If memory serves, Dana guaranteed Fedor.

Arecsa site profile image  

11/1/12 2:56 AM by Arecsa

This fight happens right after he gives us those dark ages dvds and he base jumps off Mandalay Bay.

UGSlapshot site profile image  

11/1/12 12:53 AM by UGSlapshot

I'm not saying I think it will happen or that it should happen but if Sonnen caches a fluke and beats Jones I think that would stop the superfight dead in its tracks.

UGCTT_nightkap site profile image  

11/1/12 12:32 AM by UGCTT_nightkap

THOT huh....oh you mean THOUGHT! ....yeah im the dumb one... I see by your VTFDs most guys think you're a douche too....

thatsme site profile image  

11/1/12 12:04 AM by thatsme

The fight will NEVER happen, but the dynamics are interesting:Silva is a big MWJones is a big LHWSilva has excellent striking.Jones has excellent grappling.Silva is 37Jones is 25Silva has great takedown defense.Jones has the longest reach.I personally don't think that the fight should happen.There are weight divisions for a reason.