JDS: Reem doesn't deserve a title fight

source: fuel.tv

Junior Dos Santos on Alistair Overeem: “I think he doesn’t deserve to fight for the title. You know this guy, everyone is just talking about him because he failed the drug test and he started to talk a lot of trash, so that is why people are talking about him. Well, his time will come.”

dos Santos on Dana White’s tweet claiming dos Santos wants to fight Overeem over Cain: “I didn’t put Overeem over Cain because they are different. Cain is a real fighter and he sells his fights fighting. It is very different than Overeem. I said that, but it is not the same thing. I keep saying that he doesn’t deserve to fight for the title, but I would love to fight with this guy to put him in his place because I don’t think he is at the same level as me, Cain and other fighters.”


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LBH_RN site profile image  

11/4/12 4:30 AM by LBH_RN

JDS needs to just accept the fact that Overeem does deserve the shot. Does Cain really deserve it? And if not Cain or Overeem, then who? He's wiped out virtually everyone who is even close to being a contender. I'm sure he's not going to be DC's last SF fight. Your move, June-ya.

bigdee1983420 site profile image  

10/31/12 10:53 PM by bigdee1983420

I'm saying based on both JDS,and Reem's striking ability this has the potential to be the greatest HWT striking match of all time. There have never been two guys at HWT in MMA with the striking skills these guys have matched up. I agree that who ever makes the first mistake will win,devastatingly. Honestly they'll probably fight 2 or 3 times,I cud see different outcomes,and winners each time.

bigdee1983420 site profile image  

10/31/12 10:43 PM by bigdee1983420

The more Junior downplays Overeems,skills/experience/resume. I'm starting to wonder myself,if he truly wants no part of Overeem. JDS is a bad man there's no denying that,his boxing is elite,the best hands ever at HWT in MMA. I think he knows what Overeem posses are what hes never had to face before in the octagon. Alistair Overeem won the K-1 World Grand Prix in 2010 for a reason. If Reem can KO Badr Hari in a striking match,he can KO JDS in one as well. Look at the beautiful timing/placement when he landed that overhand-right on Ben Edwards. That was masterful,the way he swithed his stance from southpaw to orthodox,and landed that punch. The overhand right,left knee to the body,right hook,left hook combination on Todd Duffee was amazing. He can kill with one shot or by combination,hes a very dangerous striker. I'm not saying JDS is afraid of Overeem,but he does seem to downplay his skills alot.

Modal Jazz site profile image  

10/31/12 8:09 PM by Modal Jazz

I thought I read somewhere that JDS said Roy was the toughest he ever fought...

anpack20 site profile image  

10/31/12 8:02 PM by anpack20

This X 9000.

Tilla site profile image  

10/31/12 4:13 PM by Tilla

Well said.Junior wants no piece of Alistair.Wait til Alistair ragdolls him around and starts hitting him with Knees and Kicks.I really rate Junior but he hasn't faced a world class striker in his prime. And Alistair is not the first person prime striker that i'd like to face!

BrianStannFan site profile image  

10/31/12 9:03 AM by BrianStannFan

"Let me out of this Hell the Reem banished me to!"

GelderdEnd site profile image  

10/31/12 6:54 AM by GelderdEnd

I can't wait for the fight, but we never really get a contender for a HW battle of all time cos once someone thy big connects its usually over quickly, although it would be amazing if we got a fight of Shogun/Hendo type proportions