Why the UFC needs its own ranking system

by Gregory Chase | source: bleacherreport.com

With so many fighters on its roster and payroll, it may be the next step of growth for the UFC to define its own ranking system. Magazines, websites, and a plethora of other media outlets have ranking systems, but the UFC does not have any of their own.

The UFC wants to continue growing, and Dana White has expressed his views toward making it the biggest sport in the world (and that it IS a sport); but in order to do that, the integrity of the sport must be kept intact. Venturing into the pro wrestling-esque way of conducting business could be extremely hurtful to the sport.

Competition has driven human beings since the dawn of time, and fairness is the underlying principle of it. This is why when steroid use or any performance-enhancing drug is used, the athlete who was using them is scrutinized and penalized. With the UFC brass making the decisions at the end of the day for who gets opportunities or not, the sport is not represented well.

If the UFC were to devote a group of their workforce to create and maintain a ranking system, this would help the problem. It would not solve it, but it would give fans a definitive list of who is next in line. The problem after that is the criteria of what helps you rise or jump over others. It would become much more about statistical data, rather than fan demand or financial gain. On the other hand, with this system, Jon Fitch would have had a title shot a while ago, but not many complained about it because he wasn’t exciting to watch.In order to keep competition fair and alive in the UFC, the UFC must conduct itself as a SPORT, and less like a business.

Whether the UFC brass will take that approach is yet to be seen, and maybe the next people to take the helm will take it in a whole different direction.

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SupesUp site profile image  

11/3/12 8:31 AM by SupesUp

That simple eh?Except you left out stuff like machida beat bader, bader bear rampage, rampage beat machida. Machida beat rashad, rashad beat rampage, rampage beat machida. Also a very real chance machida beats Hendo in a couple months then you'll have Hendo over shogun, shogun over machida, machida over Hendo. You also had Hendo at number 2 with only one fight in the UFC at 205. Took rashads loss to machida into account but not machidas loss to rampage even though that was far more recent. I know people want to think that rankings are clear cut and simple and will fix everything but it isn't the case and you just proved it. If the rankings aren't precise and exact how's it any better than what we have now, a fairly rough layout of the divisions contenders, many of which could beat any of the other contenders on any given night. You just gave your exact rankings and they can easily be picked apart, so what's the point?

stonepony site profile image  

11/3/12 7:51 AM by stonepony

Get the hell out of here with that garbage Gannon... Common sense and rational perspective. Pffft. You're supposed to just bitch and cry about the UFC for no reason.Yeah, you're obviously right. These clowns just have some weird pathological need to see unions and government organizations taking control of absolutely everything. They want to destroy MMA, by doing everything that boxing did. They want to turn a promising successful new sport, in to a ridiculous boring dysfunctional broken mess.They want to have 27 different alphabet soup champions who never fight each other. They want to take the UFC away from the people who created it and own it, and give it to Cecil Peoples to run for them.

TenOfSwords site profile image  

11/3/12 4:47 AM by TenOfSwords

The top two criteria in any ranking system must be: 1. Head-to-head results 2. Results against common opponents The LHW division offers a particularly clear-cut example: 1. Jon Jones 2. Hendo - based on head-to-head win over Shogun 3. Shogun - based on head-to-head win over Machida (after their first fight produced a decision that was so palpably bogus that an immediate rematch was ordered, in which Shogun utterly destroyed him) or on Shogun's win over Rampage and Machida's loss to Rampage 4. Machida - based on head-to-head win over Rashad 5. Rashad - based on head-to-head win over Phil Davis 6. Phil Davis - based on head-to-head win over Alexander Gustafsson 7. Alexander Gustafsson (?) 8. Forrest Griffin - based on 2-1 record vs. Tito over Ryan Bader's 0-1 9. Bader - based on head-to-head win over Rampage (also Forrest ahead of Rampage for the same reason) 10. Rampage (see above) True, not every weight class could be ranked as neatly as LHW - but this is the only fair way to do it.

SJBenoist site profile image  

11/2/12 9:13 PM by SJBenoist

IMO, a official ranking system is a mistake. Let journalist make up ranking lists all they want.If they really want to be like a "sport", drop the belts and host tournaments like most every other combat or individual sport that doesn't have "boxing" in the title. Let guys fight for a spot in a bi-annual tournament, and give the top 2/3/whatever finishers from the last one an automatic birth. Winner get's called "champ" until the next tournament. No more worrying about who wants to fight who, or who "deserves" a fight ... you get whoever is next in the bracket, period.It is unlikely TUF will ever regain the popularity it once had, they could convert it over to a show tracking the tournament qualifiers for a "season", so casuals would have a vested interest in the tournament.

Obi Wan Jabroni site profile image  

11/2/12 4:50 PM by Obi Wan Jabroni

While I agree that there probably does need to be some sort of ranking system, I think the judging is a more pressing issue and needs to be fixed before points are awarded to fighters for wins, losses, subs, and decisions. I think if a fighter was "robbed" due to horrible judging, the ranking system would suffer and then not hold any water. But I do agree there should be some sort of ranking system. It seems with all the smack talk among fighters the UFC has entered the "attitude" era much like the WWE years ago.

whadafykumeanitstaken site profile image  

11/2/12 4:19 PM by whadafykumeanitstaken


SupesUp site profile image  

11/2/12 3:25 PM by SupesUp

Yes sir. Also many fighters fight 3, even sometimes 2 times a year. You know how many guys would be ranked 3-0, 2-0, 2-1, 1-1, 1-2. You'd have a bigger log jam than currently if you tried to seperate all those ranks.Then when you get into Ko's, subs, dominant performances, solid decisions, split decisions, robberies, and so on it would become totally subjective based on whatever everyone thought was more important to the rankings. Then we would be right where we are right now. Except pols names would have little numbers next to them. Not likely the correct numbers.

Another Foob site profile image  

11/2/12 3:15 PM by Another Foob

Ranking fighters is pretty complicated. That's what Joe Silva is for. How many fights does the UFC put together in a year, like 250+? I think the overwhelming majority of those are based on a sense of where guys are ranked within the roster. This is a lot of fuss over a few odd matchups.Besides, sometimes "fun" fights are fun.

ObamaCare site profile image  

11/2/12 2:52 PM by ObamaCare

"Venturing into the pro wrestling-esque way of conducting business could be extremely hurtful to the sport." Do you even watch ufc? they have already ventured into the pro wrestling-esque way of conducting business and its already hurting the sport.