JDS: I'm the baddest man on the planet, not Jon Jones

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UFC Neavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos recently conducted an JDS-im-the-baddest-man-on-the-planet/">interview aired on UFC Tonight, during which he declared himself the Baddest Man on the Planet, and welcomed Jon Jones to step up.

“People like to imagine a lot of things right," said dos Santos. "I think Jon Jones is an amazing fighter. He is really good, he is so confident, and I like him... a lot. He is very nice with me and I’m nice with him. But, well, I don’t care about the other belts. I got the heavyweight belt, you know?

"There is just one baddest man on the planet, and I think I am this guy now. So, if he moves up to the heavyweight division, I will think about the fight. If the UFC put him in front of me to challenge me, were going to fight, and I will give my best."

"Thank you very much guys!"


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Zaph site profile image  

11/6/12 3:07 PM by Zaph

Add a certain type of Overeem fan to the list of people who'll vote you down for an innocuous post, I guess.

ScottLean site profile image  

11/6/12 11:47 AM by ScottLean

"My name is Junior Dos Santos"Love this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_12Pg-kRGlc

The smartest poster alive site profile image  

11/6/12 11:04 AM by The smartest poster alive

he already beat cain

ALL DAY JAY site profile image  

11/6/12 10:48 AM by ALL DAY JAY

Time will tell, but I dont think that JDS is the "baddest man on the planet". I would give that title to the Reem, JBJ, or maybe even DC. DC is a bad man! Hopefully by the end of 2013 we will have a much clearer picture. There are some big fights out there that need to happen.

Randy Watson site profile image  

11/6/12 12:29 AM by Randy Watson

Reem's jaw looks much squarer than it did when he was at light heavy.

Goderson Silva site profile image  

11/5/12 11:22 PM by Goderson Silva


bigdee1983420 site profile image  

11/5/12 10:35 PM by bigdee1983420

People that say Reem failed for steroids,they always fail to name the steroid he tested positive for? The fact is he never tested positive for not one illegal named PED. They only tested the T/E ratio which was 16 to 1. He explained that he injected himself with a anti-inflamm/Testosterone to the commission. He passed everysingle test prior to the Random. I mean look at the dude hes still HUGE after all these months. If he was on something you would think he would get off by now. Why would he risk getting cut,and losing his whole career. MMA media always jump the gun on situations like this. You cann't say somebody is a cheater,and are on PED's unless seen them take it yourself.

bigdee1983420 site profile image  

11/5/12 9:19 PM by bigdee1983420

I give JDS that respect he is a bad dude,no doubt about it. With his elite boxing,and superior takedownD. You have to respect what hes done in the octagon. He literally destroys everybody w/speed,and technique. There has never been a HWT w/his boxing skill set in mma ever. You have to be an elite striker like Overeem to match him. Thats the style that he hasn't faced yet,an elite K-1/Boxing/Muaythai destroyer. If you take away all of the steroid BS,and just look at Overeem's skill. He is a very talented dude,JDS has to fight that style. Overeem can kill with one shot ala Ben Edwards/Badr Hari/Brock Lesnar/Saki,or dismantle in combination ala Todd Duffee. I could see either guy KOing the other,thats how freakin close this fight is in my opinion. JDS could time a kick land land a hook,he can land a variety of punches overhand/hooks/uppercuts. Or Reem could land a hard liver kick,time a overhand/hooks,or even land vicious knees from the clich to the head/body. I cann't think of two HWT striker based fighters in ther prime ever meeting in MMA. Thats what makes this fight so damn special imo. As far as Bones fighting JDS,at this point in time I give it to JDS. JDS is bigger/stronger,Bones cann't take him down. Bones doesn't have the power to hurt JDS,JDS's hands are on another level. JDS would blast right threw that reach,and those side kicks,round kicks. Bones style is to take dudes down,tirem out,so he can really establish his kicking/striking game. He couldn't do that to JDS imo,so he would be stuck were JDS is superior striking/boxing. If Lyoto Machida hadn't got takedown,and cut he would have outstruck Bones,and won. He was making Bones miss,and blasting him w/superior Shotokan Karate skills. I do like the Bruce Lee sidekicks to knee Bones throws. He used that masterfully to disrupt Vitor from getting inside,and keeping him off balance. I just see guys like JDS,Lyoto,Gustaffson that are masterful at onething like Boxing/Karate. Also use footwork/elusiveness,and are wellrounded w/wrestling/Subs. Those are the styles that will give Bones the most trouble. Even Anderson Silva.

Goderson Silva site profile image  

11/5/12 2:29 PM by Goderson Silva