MacDonald: Random VADA testing is annoying


"It already started," MacDonald said of the VADA testing. "My first test was last week. ... I got a random knock on the door. They did the test. So from here to the fight, it's just random testing."

And the process itself?

"It's pretty annoying," he said. "I don't like getting woken up in the morning. It threw my routine off. I didn't expect it. I forget about it, to tell you the truth. It was a bit annoying that day, but if it only happens a few times, a couple times, I can deal with it."

MacDonald agreed to the testing at the urging of Penn for their bout at UFC 152. However, when MacDonald was forced off the September card due to a cut, the matchup was rebooked for UFC on FOX 5.

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Ludelow site profile image  

11/7/12 11:24 PM by Ludelow

would be hilarious if BJ failed a test,lol

westside site profile image  

11/7/12 11:13 PM by westside

Can't wait for him to kick BJs ass.

bigD13B site profile image  

11/7/12 10:38 PM by bigD13B

Those random tests can be a pain! I got one at 7am sunday morning after finishing bouncing at a club at 4am.

Gem City site profile image  

11/7/12 10:03 AM by Gem City

If he wasnt roiding he wouldnt be pissed. Rory is on the juice...look at his back guys.

Phil999 site profile image  

11/7/12 10:00 AM by Phil999

Seems like he didn't like get woken up early. I didn't see a complaint that he had to take a pee.

Phil999 site profile image  

11/7/12 9:59 AM by Phil999


spirello site profile image  

11/7/12 6:32 AM by spirello

i hope bj puts him to sleep

FreakDaddy site profile image  

11/6/12 7:27 AM by FreakDaddy

They will need some butt salve perhaps......Roy will need something to sooth his fist from the repeated trama to Penn's head.....

The Mammoth site profile image  

11/6/12 6:52 AM by The Mammoth

did they pop his zits for him while they were there?