Drew McFedries stabbed while working club security

source: The Underground Blog

Ten year MMA veteran Drew McFedries was stabbed Saturday night while working security at the Chorus Line, a downmarket gentleman's club in the Quad Cities.

Reports says McFedries ejected 42 year old Calvin Hammock from the premises earlier in the evening. Hammock returned to the club just before midnight armed with a knife and attempted to re enter the venue. McFedries backed him up and eventually pinned him to a wall, when the alleged perpetrator reached around and stabbed McFedries around the left shoulder blade.

McFedries forced Hammock to remain until police arrived and sought medical attention.

Hammock, pictured below, was briefly behind bars at Davenport's Scott County Jail, but was released after posting a $10,000 bond. He faces charges of ‘going armed with intent’ and ‘causing willful injury’ both felonies.

McFedries was released from the hospital after a few hours and is expected to recover fully.

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Letibleu site profile image  

11/7/12 3:15 AM by Letibleu

Kinda unprofessional.If this type of thing does indeed drive you mad and you cannot hold back, use another name not associated with your employment. Just a friendly suggestion.

CharlesLewis site profile image  

11/6/12 11:02 PM by CharlesLewis

Hard to comprehend why a guy like that can bond out for ten grand and be back on the street before his victim is even out of the hospital.

D241 site profile image  

11/6/12 10:26 PM by D241

Hey no worries, hope you get all your other stuff sorted out.   Just for the record though, it was not me who ever said anything about boycotting a magazine. I never once have said anything derogatory about that magazine. And from my perspective, Dan is an honorable man from what I've seen in my personal dealings with him and in the media/forums. When he says he's owed money and it's been that long, my first thought would be, if it's been that long than he must've attempted to get his money. That thought was backed by the emails provided. Even still, I never said anything derogatory about your magazine. In summary, you're probably a cool guy who like you said is just heated/stressed out at the momemt and dare I say, took out your anger online. Not to bad, probably better than taking it out on the people close to you and even still, you didn't come off as too much of a dick online.

Upperbutt site profile image  

11/6/12 10:14 PM by Upperbutt

I don't get it...you try to stab someone in the heart, you get arrested and then released 47 mins later..Oh sure it might be hard to prove that he was going for the kill and missed,hit the shoulder instead but still, stabber is clearly a dangerous individual, why let him out in 47 mins??

DanChow site profile image  

11/6/12 9:30 PM by DanChow

According to the jail’s inmate records, Hammock has been charged with willful injury and going armed with intent, both felony charges. Those records also show that Hammock was admitted to the jail at 12:57 a.m. Sunday morning and was released 47 minutes later after posting a $10,000 bond.Known as “The Massacre,” McFedries owns eight of his 10 career victories by form of knockout and has gone the distance just once in his 11 years as a pro.

john joe site profile image  

11/6/12 6:58 PM by john joe

ah whatever, forget it, im just burned out with a lot of different things at the minute, im snapping at everyone. I should really have not replied at all and just let the thing get sorted out backstage but it was driving me mad people making out like some conspiracy was afoot. All gonna get sorted now so, im gonna leave it alone. ciao

john joe site profile image  

11/6/12 6:50 PM by john joe

^ because you and a couple other people are just banging on, "pay dan the wolfman what he's owed! I am boycotting the magazine!" without even thinking like, "i wonder what kind of issues might make a freelancer not get paid? I wonder if the invoices went in? I wonder just how much contact and effort was made to correct this situation between 2005 and 20011,12 because that surely seems like a long time for a supposedly aggrieved party to let things lie."because that would be my train of thought; and it would be followed by, "lets see what happens; i will just keep an eye on it without jumping in at the deep end and assuming some sort of nefarious foul play is at hand. Even though these people are British, and this is probably the start of an effort to reclaim the US as a colony"

D241 site profile image  

11/6/12 6:42 PM by D241

      john joe -  here's a real kicker for you, seeing as youre all 'fuck FO' coz we are such bad people, - if someone doesnt invoice for work then by UK and US law, their right to do so expires after six years. But that would be a dick move so thats not gonna be brought up in this instance. But if it was like, i dont know, some megacorp like NBC or something, you would get a generic standard reply from their accounts dept telling you this. Then you would hear nothing. And if you went to forums posting about it, youd probably get a letter about defamation.   1. Where am I "fuck fighters only magazine". Where in this thread, the other thread, or ANY thread, have I said fuck FO magazine, or fuck to you? 2.If I feel I was wrong on something, I will admit it. To this point, I haven't heard anything from you or Dan that warrents any type of apology from me. 3. If you look at all of my post regarding that particular matter, you will only find me fighting the fight that gets Dan The Wolfman paid for work he did for Fighters Only magazine. Again, I never bashed you or your magazine. You will not find any assumptions made from me, I only commented on the facts that were given, or the statements of where the problem lies.  4.My goal, is to get Dan the Wolfman paid money he is owed, if he is rightfully owed it to him. If you are part of the group that got the ball rolling, then we both essentially are going for the same thing.  5.Why are you so angry with me?  

john joe site profile image  

11/6/12 6:19 PM by john joe

well exactly, a lot of my knowledge of his issues dealing with it is from right here when he posted on this forum and stuff. And you know what, 'there but for the grace of god' coz i come from a family of big drinkers and its really not a big line from enjoying a drink to drink becoming a life-affecting problem. And its a bastard to shift once its got hold of you, especially when youre youngthanks man; appreciate it :)

hockey fighter site profile image  

11/6/12 6:13 PM by hockey fighter

Well it's very well known even by the man himself, Drew Fickett, that he has an alcohol problem. I was just wondering what was said, but it looks like someone just wanted to make something out of nothing. Keep up the good work Fighters Only !