MMA world responds to presidential election

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The entire world watched as USA President Barack Obama was elected to a second term last night, including an unamused Jacob Volkmann.

A sampling from the MMA twitterverse:

The Happy

MMA Roasted ‏@MMARoasted
Mitt Romney even lost his home state of the Cayman Islands.

Phil Davis @PhilMrWonderful
Two terms! (2chains voice)

glover teixeira @gloverteixeira
I am happy Obama is president for the next 4 years

Jason Mayhem Miller ‏@mayhemmiller
I hope Obamacare gets me knee surgery

Mike Kogan ‏@MikeKogan
You Obama haters can quack all you want but contrary to popular opinion he is still the HNIC

Colorado & Wash!!! What ya think? #cannabis
Eddie Bravo ‏@eddiebravo
the world is slowly waking up,it’s about godamn time :-) RT

The Sad

Jacob Volkmann @JacobVolkmann
Obama won, what the hell America!

Dan Henderson ‏@danhendo
I really hope Romney pulls it out and wins today.

Todd A ‏@mrkeeaumoku
The silver lining is that we are steps closer to seeing America hit rock bottom. That's when the people will finally have had enough.

Dustin Pague @DustinPague
Even though I didn't want Obama to win, I trust that The Lord has allowed him that position for a reason. I'll be praying for him.

Brandon Vera @Verafied
Damn..... Another 4 yrs of this ish...... Damn.... Sad day America. I even voted for his ass the first time....
PS..... I'm still all in for Ron Paul when the country finally wakes up. 2+2 should always = 4. One day.....

The Truth

Bobby Razak ‏@bobbyrazak
God bless America the greatest nation in earth

Nathan Quarry ‏@NateRockQuarry
Ok buddy, NO MORE blaming Bush! Make it happen! We've got the hope, now deliver with the CHANGE!

The Amused

MMA Roasted ‏@MMARoasted
I really hope Obama ends this speech by saying "Let me Bang Bro!" #UFC

 michael ‏@bisping
This picture made me laugh my ass off! Congrats Obama!

phil baroni ‏@philbaroni
It doesn't matter what the final results were, I made my vote and I'm sticking to it.
__ Obama __ Romney X Yoga Pants

Tam Khan ‏@Tam_Khan

MMA Roasted ‏@MMARoasted
Cecil Peoples just gave the Election to Mitt Romney. #ufc

hahah Obama just called Vice President joe Biden the happy warrior... Sound familiar? Lol
Roxanne Modafferi ‏@Roxyfighter
I am thrilled ppl thought of me XD RT

phil baroni ‏@philbaroni
Mitt Romney was like....

The Sick of It All

Yves Edwards ‏@thugjitsumaster
Shoutout to everyone who thinks both major party candidates are worthless & are exercising their right NOT to vote. Soldiers fought for that

It's over! No more politics for this guy now that this election is done.
Daniel Cormier ‏@dc_mma

Yves Edwards ‏@thugjitsumaster
It's funny when people call @BarackObama the antichrist? Well, doesn't that have to happen for your stupid fantasy to come true?#DumbFucks

Ken Pishna ‏@KenPishna
$2 Billion spent by Obama and Romney on election. How much good could have been done w/ that money in other areas? Cancer research perhaps?

Brian Stann @BrianStann
regardless of who is President our polarized society is a serious issue & worries me most of all, I hope we people can learn to compromise, we out# politicians

And finally, the time to move along

Ariel Helwani ‏@arielhelwani
Is it safe out there yet? All those political tweets outta your system? Yeah? Good! Big news today: #themmahour is back in your life.

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Recent Comments »

tanner904 site profile image  

11/9/12 8:55 AM by tanner904

God "stonepony" after reading more of your posts Please stop watching Fox News! Your brain is starting to get fried.

tanner904 site profile image  

11/9/12 8:51 AM by tanner904

Yeah cause %60 of white people voted for Romney it makes us center right?? No it might mean white people are more center right by the numbers but I think the election proved this country is moving to the left in a hurry! A few more women were voted in and the first openly gay women was voted in. This election proved everything BUT that this country is center right

ender852 site profile image  

11/9/12 4:22 AM by ender852

interesting... i never studied politics because it always put me to sleep lol

pharochuck site profile image  

11/9/12 4:13 AM by pharochuck

 this is pretty much correct^^ the integration and equality things that fdr and his wife championed is what got the switch started and republicans hardline stances during the civil rights era cemented it

thatsme site profile image  

11/9/12 3:59 AM by thatsme

Your lack of American and Civil Rights history is pretty evident. You need to actually stay awake in school to learn something, other than conservative talk shows and websites.Like I said blacks voted mostly republican up until the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, when the elements of both parties switched. Mostly because the Southern Dixiecrats felt betrayed by the Democrats for voting for the Bill.MLK never really endorsed either party, although he stated that he voted Democratic mostly and especially for JFK.FDR's new deal did attract blacks thanks to certain provisions in the Civilian Conservation Corp that initiated employing and providing equal pay for the then segregated black population. Among other things FDR was one of the first Presidents to abolish certain segregation and discrimination polices in both the Federal government and the Military.While the Democratic party was starting to Transform progressively, it was still rooted with Southern bigots called Dixiecrats, who's leverage of the party soon eroded during the Civil Rights Era.Pick up a book son. The internet is no way to educate yourself.

thatsme site profile image  

11/9/12 3:35 AM by thatsme

That's a stupid assessment. Blacks vote just as much as any other group. The fact you would embarrass yourself by making such claims, just goes to show how far removed some people are from other races that they create their own reality about them.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

11/8/12 10:32 AM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

The PERCENTAGE of black voters may have always cracked 90%. But 90% of what?90% of what number. The total number of voters who came out to vote Obama dwarfs that of the aforementioned Democratic candidates. If 9 out of 10 vote, it is a fact you can tell me 90% voted one way. But it's 9 people. 9 thousand is a little more and so on and so forth. I'm not saying blacks haven't been Democratic as a rule but that they simply never voted at all until they had a reason to do so. And it had little to do with politics. I'm a Steelers fan. I watch the Super Bowl a little closer if the Steelers are playing. I don't care who wins if they don't. I'm saying they collectively haven't cared about the Super Bowl for a long time.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

11/8/12 10:28 AM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Not out of context. Show me any election ever where this many registered black voters actually VOTED. Show me. If the same numbers came out in support of Clinton, Gore, Kerry, etc; you are correct. However, you will see that it is a fact that the black voters have come out in force to vote Obama like Yankee fans stuffing ballots for A-Rod. I'm not stirring anything emotionally. Strictly facts of the numbers and the basis behind WHY they suddenly voted 4 years ago and this year yet never did before either of these elections.

The Engineer site profile image  

11/8/12 9:57 AM by The Engineer

Pretty much spot on. Though this really proves that the voting pattern is less about skin color and more about lack of education.

stonepony site profile image  

11/7/12 10:31 PM by stonepony

That's the liberal fantasy anyway. Black America was as consistently Rep as they are Dem now. Up until FDR bought them with the New Deal, and LBJ put the nail in the coffin. The idea that Lib/Con flipped is just a rationalization for people who want to pretend that Lincoln would be a Dem today. From the same kind of people who ignore the fact that MLK Jr was a Conservative Republican."I'll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years." —Lyndon B. JohnsonBefore the leftists like LBJ and FDR did their damage and bought the black-vote, black Americans had less unemployment than white Americans. Their other social problems were no more severe than in white America. Things like education, crime rates, single-parenthood. etc. The problems today are the result of big-government politicians buying votes by waving Obama-phones and welfare checks.