Report: Ronda Rousey officially the first woman in the UFC


Ronda Rousey just made MMA history ... becoming the very first female fighter to join the UFC ... TMZ has learned.

Rousey -- a former U.S. Olympian -- has officially joined Dana White's MMA organization ... and automatically becomes the 135 lb women's champion.

We're told 25-year-old Ronda will defend her title in 2013 -- possible opponents include Sara McMann, Cris Cyborg and rival Miesha Tate.

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time traveling 12er site profile image  

11/9/12 8:06 PM by time traveling 12er

Lol, it was worth the vote downs. I originally had a paragraph about how the octagon was going to be smaller and how the UFC regretted shuttering the WEC as it would have been the perfect set up for their lite division.If any of this happens btw it's just a coincidence.

time traveling 12er site profile image  

11/9/12 8:05 PM by time traveling 12er

So you're getting all pissed off at your own invented plans for what the UFC's going to do with WMMA? Fake drama, you sound like a WWE fan.

Ted Dansin site profile image  

11/9/12 7:26 PM by Ted Dansin

why would UFC sign a female fighter when they have no female division? again, super fights. they're not interested in women's MMA or Rousey, they want the money she will bring in. it's gonna boil down to 1 female champion and then they're gonna sign 1 fight deals to other women MMA fighters just to feed her for more PPV revenue. it's complete bullshit and people will eventually catch on to how pointless her fights are and lose interest. this is actually worse for womens MMA IMO, as it turns it into more of a gimmick and not so much a sport. hell, DW himself was even quoted this year as saying that a womens division wouldn't work in the UFC due to the lack of talent, but now all of a sudden guess what? fuck this shit, i'll watch it for the sheer violence but literally can't take it anymore serious than the WWE or current-day's to you K-1 and Spike, make us proud baby!

gillyoteen site profile image  

11/9/12 7:21 PM by gillyoteen

awesome news waronda and war female mma

LETMEBANGBRO site profile image  

11/9/12 7:20 PM by LETMEBANGBRO

Get with the times bro

nick diaz nut hugger site profile image  

11/9/12 7:17 PM by nick diaz nut hugger

I would but it's not as easy any more now that he's off the horsemeat diet...

HolyAvengerP5 site profile image  

11/9/12 7:10 PM by HolyAvengerP5

all the "guys" bitching about women fighting each other: you know who you sound like?those fucking faggots like McCain who don't like watching guys punch other guys on the ground.if the women piss you off so much, take the time when they are fighting to jerk off to your overeem pics.

CLINTK9 site profile image  

11/9/12 7:10 PM by CLINTK9

she should come to the ring with Rowdy roddy Piper in her UFC Debut!and come out to "American Woman"

56sav site profile image  

11/9/12 6:47 PM by 56sav

I'm extremely disappointed by this news. For one it means Strikeforce, which was a perfect place for women's MMA, is going to be officially dead very soon (another great org killed off by Zuffa). #2 why in the world would anybody want to watch women fight? Yeah it's kind of a cool commodity to see, but why watch the WNBA when the NBA is available? I respect their talent but see no reason to pay to watch a person who's automatically going to be at least 75% weaker and much slower than their counterpart. I feel like the UFC just took a huge step backwards. Hopefully they will keep the women exclusively on the free Fox cards.

UGCTT_MdotBRICKS site profile image  

11/9/12 12:00 PM by UGCTT_MdotBRICKS

Slooooow downnnn