Cung Le: I got lucky


Cung Le tells “UFC Postfight Show” Reporter Gareth A Davies how he feels about his victory: “I’ve got to say wow! It’s like a dream. I feel like I’m in a dream right now. Thank you, lord. You know, I just saw him timing my kicks, so I waited for him to punch and then threw that overhead right and I got lucky and hit him.”

Le on the knockout punch: “That was a money punch. I just want to thank my trainer Scott, who had three months away from his family and kids and had to deal with my stuff and my kids, because they are wild. I am just so thankful to be here in China in the first UFC fight. Thanks Dana and Lorenzo for letting me headline their card and, of course, Joe Silva for making this card happen. I want to thank everyone who came out.”

Le on his next move: “I love to do mixed martial arts. I love to compete. If I can do it as long as I live, I‘ll do it. But I know my clock is ticking, so I am just doing my best. I definitely want to take a little vacation before I start training to let my body heal up. You know when I hit him, I felt my shoulder jolt a little, but it was just a lot of adrenaline going.”

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SandHands209 site profile image  

11/12/12 6:17 AM by SandHands209

Lol @A ... so called for

fedorsbelly site profile image  

11/12/12 6:13 AM by fedorsbelly

This. Imagine if the guy dedicated himself solely to training.

StrikeforceSupporter site profile image  

11/11/12 7:06 PM by StrikeforceSupporter

To ppl saying that was a "lucky shot" -GTFO. Le is one of the best strikers to EVER come into MMA. Rich was dumb enough to sit in their and trade. Also, the replay shows us all well enough how precise he landed that, and with an educated reaction. It was perfectly timed, it almost looked like Le was teaching a class on how to defend yourself from an attacker. That was a 101 class move, obviously rich missed class that day.

hmb site profile image  

11/11/12 6:14 PM by hmb

Throw a Conduit kick like that and drop your hand with the MACK truck, and that's what happens.

stonepony site profile image  

11/11/12 5:53 PM by stonepony

Wasn't lucky at all. Rich left himself wide open. Cung will land that every single time.

UnbreakableT site profile image  

11/10/12 9:43 PM by UnbreakableT

Ya no shit

Immaculata site profile image  

11/10/12 9:36 PM by Immaculata

Luck counts too.

ufcman187 site profile image  

11/10/12 8:40 PM by ufcman187

I love how humble Rich is and hated to see him go down the way he did. I did however become a Cung fan. The fight may not have been action packed but the KO was brutal and Le came across as a real class act. A+ fighters with A+ personalities

B17 site profile image  

11/10/12 8:29 PM by B17

not a fan of immediate rematches but i would like to see that happen here

RayRaysFunhouse site profile image  

11/10/12 8:24 PM by RayRaysFunhouse

He's just being modest, which good for him. I'm a huge Rich Franklin fan and it broke my heart to see him crumpled up like that, but it wasn't luck. Just a very well timed counter. Good for Cung, not good for my poor math teacher...