UFC.com hacker sentenced to probation

by Mat Honan | source: wired.com

Over the course of 2012, Cosmo and his group UG Nazi took part in many of the highest-profile hacking incidents of the year. UG Nazi, which began as a politicized group that opposed SOPA, took down a bevy of websites this year, including those for NASDAQ, CIA.gov, and UFC.com. It redirected 4Chan’s DNS to point to its own Twitter feed. Cosmo pioneered social-engineering techniques that allowed him to gain access to user accounts at Amazon, PayPal, and a slew of other companies. He was arrested in June, as a part of a multi-state FBI sting.

Representatives from both the Long Beach district attorney and public defenders offices refused to comment on the case, given Cosmo’s status as a juvenile. However, according to Cosmo, the terms of the plea place him on probation until his 21st birthday. During that time, he cannot use the internet without prior consent from his parole officer. Nor will he be allowed to use the Internet in an unsupervised manner, or for any purposes other than education-related ones. He is required to hand over all of his account logins and passwords. He must disclose in writing any devices that he has access to that have the capability to connect to a network. He is prohibited from having contact with any members or associates of UG Nazi or Anonymous, along with a specified list of other individuals. He had to forfeit all the computers and other items seized in the raid on his home. Also, according to Cosmo, violating any of these terms will result in a three-year prison term.

The probationary period lasting until age 21 is standard, but other terms were more surprising.

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ajl416az site profile image  

11/12/12 5:48 PM by ajl416az

lol i'm sorry you live in the stone agebut who do you think built the air tanks those amazing men used, or invneted the materials they used for jackets?the same kind of nerds you like to make fun ofthis kid, from a home computer in his room, severely influenced several multi-billion dollar companieskeep telling yourself that you are so much better then this kid lol

NorthFromHere site profile image  

11/12/12 4:02 PM by NorthFromHere

Yeah I know. I made the comment because some people here think that hacker is automatically some mysterious programming wizard who can get a high salary job with his skills

big_slacker site profile image  

11/12/12 2:25 PM by big_slacker

^^ A lot of the higher profile 'hacks' in this last decade and a lot of the breaches I've had to deal with are usually not rain man custom code hollywood crap. Look at any of the anatomy of these public hacks, it's usually outdated protections (WEP, WPA with weak keys) unpatched systems exploited by pre-written software (metasploit, etc...), targeted e-mail (public record lookup + spearphishing) and so on.

ohpossum site profile image  

11/12/12 10:26 AM by ohpossum

I believe he is probably both but people underestimate the role of social engineering. Kevin Mitnick's Ghost in theWires is a great read (or audiobook) about the sub-culture of hacking and the ways he got around his parole terms. Kevin never stole anything he just did it for the thrill. Cosmo is probably the same way and he will find a way to access the Internet and do his thing

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

11/12/12 10:11 AM by Zed Wayne Zed

We used to be amazed by men that climbed Everest,and women who live in slums working with the poorest of poor.Now we hold faceless twigs with programming knowledge in some sort of high regard.The meek shall inherit the Earth, and then they shall try and avoid going outside ever again.

Jill Laz site profile image  

11/12/12 10:06 AM by Jill Laz

True but he will not be off the Internet for long he will be offered a Gov job in Homeland or whatever do you think they will let that talent go without picking his brain this "kid" young adult" got off easy I liken it to coming in my house and stealing my money right out of my wallet

Ministry of Truth site profile image  

11/12/12 9:29 AM by Ministry of Truth

Social engineering is a form of hacking. You don't need to be a computer genius to be a hacker, either. Just an FYI.

Lions of Atlanta site profile image  

11/12/12 9:25 AM by Lions of Atlanta

I don't think he is some coding wizard (not a computer guy so not sure if "coding" is the right word"). I think he took information that was public record (email addresses and mailing addresses) and used it to call costumer service for different companies and get passwords for accounts. It's resourceful, but it's not necessarily what most people think when they think hacker.

Muzalini site profile image  

11/12/12 2:06 AM by Muzalini

What's crazy is looking at Matthew Lillard, Johnny Lee Miller, and Angelina Jolie now. They haven't really aged well.

NorthFromHere site profile image  

11/12/12 1:56 AM by NorthFromHere

Cosmo is not some computer genius. He is a social engineer who gathers information by calling helpdesk employees etc so that the actual hackers can do their thing