Queiroz camp to protest ref performance

source: mmajunkie.com

An email protesting the officiating today was forwarded to MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com).

"[Referee James] Warring could have contributed to [and] altered the result of the fight after he ordered the fighters to rise up with [after] only 15 seconds [on the ground] … in a moment that was favorable for Vincius," manager Josef Borges wrote to the Florida State Boxing Commission, which oversaw the event at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Fla.

Volkov's punches dropped Queiroz on multiple occasions before he stopped him with a flurry at the 4:59 mark of the second round. The fight aired on MTV2.

Queiroz got a takedown in the first round, but was quickly warned by Warring for using his head to pressure Volkov into releasing his arms. Just prior to the stoppage, he earned another takedown, but was stood up by the referee with little time to improve his position.

"MMA means also fighting on the ground," Borges said in his email to the commission. "Getting a takedown and dominating the ground also adds points to the fight."

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Bentleysuper8 site profile image  

11/14/12 3:34 AM by Bentleysuper8

Holy shit. That's crazy. He should retire from refereeing now.

Bentleysuper8 site profile image  

11/14/12 3:27 AM by Bentleysuper8

Because the ref clearly had a poor grasp of the rules. "Don't use your head"???? What the fuck was that. You have to give the guy in top position more than 10 seconds to improve his position. It's pretty standard. I mean that was judo stand up fast. Screws the guy with good takedowns or robs him of the opportunity to clear his head a bit.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

11/13/12 10:13 AM by ranier wolfcastle

i'll show u why that ref hates ground fighting

Wu Massacre site profile image  

11/13/12 3:21 AM by Wu Massacre

Yeah it's funny now but just wait until the UFC wars erupt and the army of ariany celest robots take over the world, and DW rains down bombs from his pyramid illuminati spaceship, it won't be funny then

YellowWrkedByTapIn site profile image  

11/13/12 3:16 AM by YellowWrkedByTapIn

If you're gonna try trolling, be funny.

Wu Massacre site profile image  

11/13/12 3:15 AM by Wu Massacre

It's about BELLATOR favoring Russian fighters similar to how UFC favors Brazilian fighters to build up viewer bases in these highly populated countries , even though I think that might just have been a terrible decision, but the favoring is a secret theory I have linked to how Dana White actually also controls the illuminati, the pyramid thing on the back of the dollar bill is actually a picture of his spaceship, and Ariany Celest is a cyborg robot and there are many copies of her

YellowWrkedByTapIn site profile image  

11/13/12 3:09 AM by YellowWrkedByTapIn

^What does any of that have to do with the topic at hand? This ref need to be fined/suspended. Utterly insane.   

Wu Massacre site profile image  

11/13/12 3:03 AM by Wu Massacre

I didnt read much at the time and most of what i saw was consumed by Lombar-Boetsch but I'm interested what did people think about that Faber-Barao decision by the way. I know Faber broke his rib during the fight but I couldnt even tell. I thought he counterstruck well and outlanded Barao significantly. Barao threw a lot of wild strikes but almost all of them were blocked or checked but for some reason were counted as having landed. He almost never landed clean on Faber the whole fight, and Faber tagged him in the face a bunch. Barao was looking more hurt after a few of them than Faber did at any point in the fight. I've seen it twice and I'm convinced that the judges just couldn't see the level of detail ringside to call who actually landed strikes and gave it to Barao for a number of reasons, striking wildly with big motions being one of them.Also it's funny because every article I see about it says 'barao completely dominated faber' but, watch the fight carefully again, and see what really happened for yourself. And I don't even like Faber , really. Neutral to both.

Wu Massacre site profile image  

11/13/12 2:28 AM by Wu Massacre

Also I think Bellator is going to call fights and give edge to their Russian fighters. Know how UFC always overhyped/overhypes the Brazilians, especially when they were competing with PRIDE? Building up their market in Brazil. Giving the Brazilian's easier fights on home turf and in general, and the edges in decisions (Still going on, Faber-Barao was a joke IMO). It's going to be very similar.

Wu Massacre site profile image  

11/13/12 2:26 AM by Wu Massacre

I actually thought that reffing was awesome! Some of the best I have seen recently.He got his chance when he showed he could neither work effective GnP or get close to a submission when 2 or 3 minute of the first round were wasted after he went to save himself with a takedown.No LnP, thanks. Reminded me of the PRIDE fights that were so great because of the fast standups and constant action. The 'no using head' was a bit odd although it could be argued that pushing one's head forcefully into the face, the nose, is illegal. That ref needs to get promoted and start working the UFC. Let's see some fights.