Condit: Knee is not off limits, hopes to finish GSP

source: fueltv

UFC Interim welterweight champ Carlos Condit appeared on the Nov. 13 installment of "UFC Tonight" and discussed Saturday's main event with welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

St-Pierre is coming off a year break from fighting, due to a knee injury, surgery, and rehab.

The two are both members of Jackson's MMA, but discounted the significance, as they have not trained to together.

I have been around Georges a little while he’s been training," said Condit. "But not a whole lot. We haven’t ever sparred together. It’s not really an advantage for either one of us.”

"Georges is such a dynamic fighter. He is an incredible athlete. He is a powerful, explosive guy. Between takedowns and strikes, there is a lot to deal with.”

“I really feel like Georges is the undisputed champion. He has been so dominant in the division for the last several years, he has been undefeated and until someone defeats him, he is the champion.”

Condit was asked directly of he though GSP's knee is fair game.

“Yeah man, I think so," said Condit. "If someone in the cage, you can’t say ‘hey man that is off limits.’ There are no time outs, there are no substitutions.”

“I wouldn’t say that I’ve been leg kicking any more or less than before," Condit added.

“I’ve really made a point to work on my overall athletic ability. I’m really working hard on my strength and conditioning. I’ve filled in some holes in my game I knew I would need to fix before I fight Georges. I’ve trained with some of the best guys in the world on a daily basis, and it’s not a fight, but it’s pretty close. I’m really not too concerned.”

“This fight is something I have been working toward for 10-12-15 years since I first started competing, and not even competing but training in mixed martial arts. This is a dream of mine. To fight GSP for the title in his home town for the undisputed belt is both surreal and an opportunity of a lifetime.”

When asked how he planned to win, Condit was succinct.

“Through hard work and hopefully a finish over one of the biggest stars in the sport.”

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UGCTT_Molsonmuscle360 site profile image  

11/15/12 6:48 PM by UGCTT_Molsonmuscle360

I knew footstomps weren't allowed in Quebec but I didn't think kneestrikes were.

fishyfish site profile image  

11/15/12 6:32 PM by fishyfish

IMO Condit wouldn't, but says he would, to make Georges wary.

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

11/15/12 12:31 PM by yellow wrkahlc

How wonderfuly would it be to see Condit throw a kick to the knee, only to help GSP complete his superman punch with a beautiful KO?

Furyan site profile image  

11/15/12 11:56 AM by Furyan

Didn't GSP want Condit to attack his knee? Now Condit says its off limits. I think Georges is fishing for an easy takedown and Condit, possibly, might take the bait.

MartinLav site profile image  

11/15/12 11:52 AM by MartinLav

The Quebec commission applies the 'no direct hit on the knees' religously.Condit is at the wrong place if he wants to fuck up his knee, and this isn't favoritism for GSP, this is the norm in Quebec. Direct hits to the knees are not accepted.

Vril site profile image  

11/14/12 3:29 PM by Vril

Just like Codit vs. Diaz Some ones probably going to play it safe..

Jetster site profile image  

11/14/12 3:25 PM by Jetster

it sure will be intresting, Normal GSP eats em' alive but after that long layoff and devestating injury no one know what kind of GSP will show up, Not even GSP knows for sure yet

x Anchor x site profile image  

11/14/12 3:25 PM by x Anchor x

Shut up, it makes perfect sense. We want the fighter with the best skill sets to win the fight. Not some cheap exploration of a previously injured knee.

UGCTT_EnderTL site profile image  

11/14/12 2:33 PM by UGCTT_EnderTL

Carlos goes for that knee and eats a huge right hand. GSP will be too fast for Condit. If Condit wins this it will be because he capitalizes early. After the 3 minute mark of he first round, his chances diminish rapidly if GSPs cardio is anywhere close to the same as it was.

guardbr8kr site profile image  

11/14/12 2:11 PM by guardbr8kr

Condit doesn't touch GSP's knee once during the fight. Take that to the bank.