UFC 154 still not sold out...why?

source: mmamania.com

Keep in mind, St. Pierre helped put over 55,000 butts in the seats of Toronto's Rogers Centre for UFC 129 and is also a recipient of "Canadian Male Athlete of the Year," an award he's previously bagged and tagged three straight years. In short, he's a pretty big deal in Canada, eh.

So why hasn't UFC 154 sold out?

This writer expected rabid mixed martial arts (MMA) fans to be thirsting for their hero's return. It has, after all, been nearly 18 months since "Rush" fought inside the Octagon, a unanimous decision win over Jake Shields at the aforementioned event in "Hogtown."

And heading into day 60 of the NHL lockout, there's no professional hockey to get in the way.

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ufcman187 site profile image  

11/16/12 6:06 PM by ufcman187

After turning my fiancee on to the UFC she is making me order this one. She loves GSP and refers to Condit as the white Enrique Iglesias looking guy. This should lead to some good smack talk lol

Motivated Penn site profile image  

11/16/12 5:58 PM by Motivated Penn

No, then it is NOT filler. If it's something you really want to see, it cannot be called filler. Nobody who's seen Carmont's last fights can call him boring.It's impossible for the UFC to pack every event with 20 famous fighters, and also build up new guys. We HAVE to let people debut, and have their first, second, third fights, as unknowns, without people lamenting them as filler.I think fans who look for the size of the name, rather than the quality of the fights, are shooting themselves in the leg, and unfortunately, they make up the majority of the UFC's audience, which is why 'nobody' saw Kampmann - Sanchez, and everybody saw GSP - Shields. Even though everybody and their grandmothers know GSP and Shields are famous for anything but entertaining fights.I think we agree on most of this, but where we disagree is.. well let me put it like this.You could not fucking PAY me, to watch a hollywood action movie. Yet 95% of the audience at those turdfests look at the credits. Wow it's got Jason Statham as the tough guy, Hally Berry as the love interest and fucking Rob Schneider as the comedic side kick, it must be amazing!!! Never mind that the film has no artistic merit, the script is written by a fucking computer algorith, and it has no novel throughts or ideas.Ok, those 95% are virtually retarded people. But you don't HAVE to be in that group. That's the group that look at the size of names. Unless they see the main card filled with guys aged 40+ who fought in Pride, they cry filler. At no point do they estimate the entertainment value. They find no joy in seeing new guys debut. Guys who have a lot of wind in their sails from kicking ass in Brazil, in Russia, wherever. They ONLY want to see the super established, the champs, the ex champs, and the guys from TUF, and everything else, is filler.

UGCTT_Charles Bronsons Mustache site profile image  

11/16/12 1:48 PM by UGCTT_Charles Bronsons Mustache

2 really good fights... Thats it. I wouldn't pay 600 for that.

vruntson site profile image  

11/16/12 1:47 PM by vruntson

Boring, watered down cards. Condit who? Oh you mean run boy run...

Tilla site profile image  

11/16/12 1:40 PM by Tilla

@ Deaf Forever - Right on! Well said ;-)

JohhnyBGood site profile image  

11/16/12 12:29 PM by JohhnyBGood

because gsp is boring as shit?

MattyECB site profile image  

11/16/12 12:23 PM by MattyECB

Not to mention, I'm a junky and because I can appreciate most of any fight, I basically always watch a UFC event no matter what...But that doesn't mean I'm oblivious to the UFC spreading out their real talent and drawing power to try and milk more events. I'll still enjoy it, but I'm not particularly happy about it lol

MattyECB site profile image  

11/16/12 12:22 PM by MattyECB

I guess my point is I, and most of the ppl on these forums, are MMA nerds. We know enough about nearly any fight to know if it'll be fun, and to know why it's interesting to some degree - kind of why it's pointless for a pointBYpoint defense of the fights like we've seen in this threadBut that's different than putting big name fights on. The UFC made it's name by keeping prelims pumped with great up-and-comers and keeping everyone interested in them -- but they used to do that, while still keeping the main card stackedIt's way to common to see what should be good prelim fights on a main card now. And even though those fights may turn out to become a surprisingly sweet assed card and hook some fans, it won't draw in those casual fans WHO WE ACTUALLY NEED to get hooked lol

ortman166 site profile image  

11/16/12 11:08 AM by ortman166

Injuries have screwed people buying ticket in the past.Besides main and co main Its a weak cardTicket pricesGsp I the decision master.The Diaz debacle lost Carlos a lot of fans

CrazyPope site profile image  

11/16/12 10:59 AM by CrazyPope

I agree with the people saying this a weak card overall. GSP/Condit and Kampmann/Hendricks alone have me the most excited I've been in a while, but the rest of the card is pretty weak. The UFC knows they can rely on GSP, I mean even though Kampmann/Hendricks is going to be an amazing fight, neither guy are exactly huge names.