Jon Fitch vs. Demian Maia at UFC 156 in Feb

source: mmajunkie

Areil Helwani broke the news, via Twitter

Ariel Helwani ‏@arielhelwani
Great fight. Great card. RT @ufc_brasil: Olha que lutão, @DemianMaia Vs. @jonfitchdotnet no UFC 156 dia 2/2/13 em Las Vegas. Mandalay

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MMAJunkie has the details.

Maia currently boasts a two-fight win streak after downing Rick Story at this past month's UFC 153 event in Rio de Janeiro and earning a bizarre TKO victory over Dong Hyun Kim at July's UFC 148 fight card in Las Vegas. The two victories came after a disappointing 1-2 run that included losses to Chris Weidman and Mark Munoz.

Fitch also fought at UFC 153 and earned a hard-fought unanimous-decision win over Erick Silva in a bout that was deemed the evening's "Fight of the Night."

Fitch had previously lost in stunning knockout fashion to Johny Hendricks and settled for a draw against B.J. Penn. Prior to those setbacks, he was 13-1 in his first 14 UFC fights and was generally considered the world's second-best fighter at 170 pounds.

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UFC 156: Aldo vs. Edgar
February 2, 2013
Mandalay Bay Events Center
Las Vegas, Nevada

Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar (UFC Featherweight Championship_
Lyoto Machida vs. Dan Henderson
Alistair Overeem vs. Antonio Silva
Jon Fitch vs. Demian Maia


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yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

11/17/12 4:00 AM by yellow wrkahlc

You're sleepy. Delirious. Go to sleepy sleep, bro.

DaemonDragon site profile image  

11/17/12 2:11 AM by DaemonDragon

Chael was only 3 for 7 in their first fight on takedowns, and it was blatantly obvious to everyone except deluded Chael fans that Anderson's rib injury was severely limiting every aspect of his game including TDD and scrambling. Anderson couldn't perform his usual matrix moves which are normally his #1 defense.Not to mention, Chael was roided well past commission limits (even for people with an exemption).Anderson also had an injured knee for the Lutter fight. Normally Anderson has very good TDD, due mainly to his ability to control the distance. Anderson is the GOAT at controlling distance. The Marquardt, Hendo, Okami, and Chael II fights all show Anderson's high level TDD. His sprawl isn't normally the best (although it's improved), but he normally forces his opponents to shoot from way out.That's what Maia had to do - shoot for desperate takedowns from way outside striking range. Maia could never close the distance and get a hold of Anderson.I'm pretty sure he'll be able to close the distance against Fitch without problem. Fitch might even invite it - Fitch thrives in the clinch. In this fight though, clinching with Maia is probably not the best idea.But I see Fitch reverting to his natural instincts and welcoming the clinch game. And I see Maia putting Fitch on his back at least a couple times because of that.

burner22 site profile image  

11/17/12 2:04 AM by burner22

Maia couldn't get into the clinch with silva, because silva stayed way on the outside, throwing leg kicks, and jumping in an out with knees an jabs. Fitch doesn't have the speed, footwork, or striking skill to work that gameplan. I think Maia will get it to the ground at somepoint. Be intriguing to see what happens from there

DaemonDragon site profile image  

11/17/12 1:52 AM by DaemonDragon

Exactly the fight I was hoping to see. UFC has had some odd matchmaking recently, but this is the perfect matchup right now.I think Fitch is going to get out-Fitch'd in this fight. I've got Maia via grapplefucking. Fitch has mediocre TDD and Maia's takedowns look to be too much for the welterweights.Now that Maia doesn't have to deal with huge 185 DI All-American wrestlers, he can actually implement his strengths, rather than being forced to stand and wang.Also Fitch got FOTN bonus last fight and is no longer broke. Financially comfortable Fitch<<<Broke Fitch.

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

11/17/12 1:52 AM by Reed Rothchild

If Maia wants fitch down he will get Fitch down

x Anchor x site profile image  

11/17/12 1:36 AM by x Anchor x

What never happened? If I'm wrong then please correct me; but I'm pretty sure Sonnen took Silva down 6 of 7 rounds, Hendo 1 of 2 and Lutter had him full mounted so he most likely took him down too... Mia couldn't do it in 5 rounds. Fitch is pretty nasty in the wrestling department, so I just have a hard time seeing it happen.

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

11/17/12 1:23 AM by yellow wrkahlc

But that never happened, bro.

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

11/17/12 1:11 AM by MasterofMartialArts

Great matchup, I hope there is plenty of grappling. Who is E. Silva fighting?

x Anchor x site profile image  

11/17/12 12:13 AM by x Anchor x

Except for 6 of 7 rounds against Sonnen, 1/2 against Hendo and I believe at least 1 against Lutter. Mia failed in 5 rounds through. I just don't see him doing well against Fitch in the TD department but I could be wrong,

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

11/16/12 6:20 PM by yellow wrkahlc

Anderson isn't exactly human.