St-Pierre earns decisive victory over Condit


After 19 months away, after surgery and rehabilitation, Georges St-Pierre found his way to the familiar spot on top of the world. The energized welterweight used his full arsenal of weapons and withstood a Carlos Condit barrage to unify the lineal and interim belts in an excellent performance.

St-Pierre was awarded the judges' decision by scores of 50-45, 50-45, 49-46.

The UFC 154 main event was short on neither drama or performance, as the two fighters fought tooth and nail for 25 minutes.

While the scorecards look fairly lopsided, it was Condit who landed the fight's most devastating single strike when he floored St-Pierre with a left kick to the head in the third round.

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Title Fight Carlos "Natural Born Killer" Condit Vs. Georges "Rush" St-Pierre
Fight was scheduled for 5 rounds (5x5x5x5x5) - Fight was for the Title
Name Carlos Condit <a href=Carlos Condit" />
Height 6′ 2″ (187.96 cm)
Weight 170 (77.11 kg)
Record 28-5-0
Team FIT NHB Team
Name Georges St-Pierre <a href=Georges St-Pierre" />
Height 5′ 11″ (180.34 cm)
Weight 185 (83.91 kg)
Record 22-2-0
Team Tristar Gym
Georges St-Pierre defeated Carlos Condit by Unanimous Decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-45)

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JamieHill site profile image  

11/19/12 1:05 PM by JamieHill

exciting fight, went about how I expected it to.

ElPupi site profile image  

11/19/12 12:36 PM by ElPupi

Fight was really good in my opinion it kept me on my feet. Specially when condit landed that kick in the 3rd.

MMA6053 site profile image  

11/19/12 4:24 AM by MMA6053

Hats off to BOTH fighters for an outstanding fight. If anything their reputations grew even more after this.Superb undercard as well.

irishman84 site profile image  

11/19/12 4:08 AM by irishman84

lol its not THAT long is it?

HexRei site profile image  

11/19/12 3:53 AM by HexRei


irishman84 site profile image  

11/19/12 3:51 AM by irishman84

you weigh/ value control over position or submissions? GSP is te best grappler @ WW? His submissions are limited and thats being generous. His guard is nothing spectacular and hes not particularly known for his passes either. Anyone that doesn't like GSP's smothering/ control heavy style (basically wrestling) gets the "you dont appreciate ground work" BS. GTFOH bro im fucking addicted to GW but im inspired/ in awe of the fucking POETS that chain together set-ups and threaten subs from everywhere. Guys its not even worth it to take down or be taken down by cause you are forced to defend shit that will END FIGHTS. Yeah it is impressive the first 1 maybe 2 times u watch George completely shut guys down on the ground but he shuts himself down in the process. Dont act like people that dont want to watch 3 rounds of half-recover-half-recover or 9 out of 30 decent/ uninterrupted strikes landing from the guard dont appreciate groundwork and should watch kickboxing. Take downs arent shit in and of themselves they are just a doorway/ vehicle to move the fight from one environment to another. If bottom gets back up you did Absolutely nothing beyond whatever u got done while u had it there. If you want to lay in guards at your gym and call it fighting thats your prerogative cause no one is paying to watch that shit. Im all for grappling but control should be only a fraction of the game when im paying to watch it. Most of the highest level grapplers will say its not about strength and control it should be fluid/ flowing/ technique and the best in the WW division should at least be a submission expert.

HexRei site profile image  

11/19/12 12:53 AM by HexRei

this thread is exemplary of the "one drop" rule. it's a weird phenomenon.

Bry Bry site profile image  

11/18/12 11:17 PM by Bry Bry

GSP needs to stay at WW, forget the Anderson fight..GSP has nothing for Anderson..standing it would be a massacre and if GSP takes Anderson down, he wont finish him or even hurt him.. is Diaz coming back and if so, when?? where is Josh Koscheck?is he staying at WW or moving up??how about a Diaz/Kosh fight?

canuck34 site profile image  

11/18/12 10:54 PM by canuck34

Lol. He missed a presser so he wouldn't have to fight GSP.

epwar site profile image  

11/18/12 10:29 PM by epwar

This fight finally made me glad to see someone fight up to GSP's level.  Even on his back, Carlos was still going to town unlike most of GSP's opponents who just lay there.  Respect to both men.