Fights to make after UFC 154

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Sakara vs. Cote

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, eh? It makes perfect sense to run this one back when the UFC returns to Montreal in March, especially considering the cluster-expletive way it ended.

If you missed it, here's what happened: Sakara punched Cote in the back of the head a bunch of times and knocked him out. And by "a bunch of times" I mean that all of the punches Sakara landed during the finishing sequence were to the back of the head. He didn't land anything other than back-of-the-head punches.

Hendricks vs. St-Pierre

Hendricks, as he is known to do, punched Martin Kampmann in the face and knocked him out in just 46 seconds. This comes after Hendricks did the same thing to Jon Fitch, another top welterweight prospect. In fact, Kampmann landed in the exact same spot, in exactly the same fashion, as Fitch.

Yeah, I'd say he's ready for a title shot.

Hendricks is a man possessed, and it's time to put him in the cage with St-Pierre. Do I think it'll happen? No, and I'll get into my reasoning in the next few slides. Ultimately, Hendricks will be screwed if anything other than a title shot happens.

Carlos Condit vs. Nick Diaz

Carlos Condit did not beat Georges St-Pierre. He didn't even come close, really. But what he did was show that he's a game fighter and one of the best welterweights in the world. He also showed (yet again) why all of the Nick Diaz fans who called him a boring decision fighter—despite going into tonight's fight with 26 finishes in 28 career wins—were really just a bunch of morons at heart.

No offense.

Of course, I'm sure some of you will take offense just as I'm sure the sun will rise tomorrow morning here in Montreal, so let's settle this the only way I know how: by booking Condit and Diaz into a rematch. That way, we can finally settle this silly grudge once and for all, and perhaps educate a few fans in the process.

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Editor's Note: Who else has better ideas?

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MMALOGIC site profile image  

11/19/12 9:33 AM by MMALOGIC

Diaz needs to fight the winner of Rory/Penn (if it's Rory).  this way whoever wins can fight for the title.  If you do Diaz/Condit what happens if condit wins?  you just eliminated a potential opponent for GSP without creating another one.  Only 2 guys make sense for Diaz: Hendricks or Rory.  if GSP fights hendricks then id like to see a card with: GSP/Hendricks Rory/Diaz. if GSP fights Anderson, then Id like to see: GSP/Anderson Diaz/Hendricks

dogfb site profile image  

11/19/12 8:55 AM by dogfb

GSP vs. Silva   Diaz vs. Hendricks

fightharder site profile image  

11/19/12 8:44 AM by fightharder

I rather see Condit fighting Rory....if he comes out of his fight the winner and reasonable unscathed.   Diaz should really fight Koscheck....that would be a great money maker for the UFC and a relevant comeback challenge for Diaz (because if he cannot deal with Kos take-downs what hope is there for him really against GSP). I do think Hendricks deserves a titleshot. And i also do believe that the winner of Maia Fitch should get GSP after that. Unfortunately i also believe we should forget about the superfight between GSP and Silva and really hope that Silva would be open to fighting either Jon Bones Jones and/or Cormier.

madmav site profile image  

11/19/12 2:00 AM by madmav

gsp vs hendricks eventually for the 170 title condit vs kampmann ..winner should fight the winner of bj/rory diaz vs winner of fitch/maia ..winner fights the winner of the above mentioned line for the right to fight the winner of gsp/hendricks..    =p      

Bryce14 site profile image  

11/19/12 1:54 AM by Bryce14

I think Diaz vs BJ/Rory winner, kampman vs the looser

UGCTT_Gaspare site profile image  

11/19/12 1:37 AM by UGCTT_Gaspare

GSP/SilvaCondit vs BJ/Rory winnerDiaz vs KampmannIMO

theGunt site profile image  

11/18/12 11:52 PM by theGunt


LikeThis site profile image  

11/18/12 11:44 PM by LikeThis

Dana White vs Dan Miragliotta

TheZa site profile image  

11/18/12 11:42 PM by TheZa

Condit didn't come close to winning?

Neil Funk site profile image  

11/18/12 11:37 PM by Neil Funk

I agree 100% with the Underground Blog. Silva/GSP is a pretty dumb idea, plus I don't want to see Georges go out like that, a fight he is bullied into against a guy who walks around not only a lot heavier than him, but um, the best fighter in the world.All the fights that OP mentioned are fights that need to happen now