1st preview trailer for UFC 155

source: ufc.com


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Doctor NPD site profile image  

11/19/12 5:33 PM by Doctor NPD

I love the highlight reel completely neglecting to show JDS knocking out Cain. That being said... neither guy was healthy in the first fight and I really do think this is the best possible match up at HW so I'm glad to see it again.And for once, I can actually say that this card is pretty stacked. I'm looking forward to it

un3rgr0und site profile image  

11/19/12 4:55 PM by un3rgr0und

I don't see Cain getting caught like before, he was coming off a long layoff and I think Cain can and will win the rematch.JDS's striking is no joke though so if Cain doesn't take him down it could be over in the first round again but I doubt it only last 60 seconds this timeMy pick and NEW Champ Cain

Card site profile image  

11/19/12 4:34 PM by Card

I'm pumped.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

11/19/12 4:30 PM by KingofBJJ

That drawing looks like grafitti murals in Westside Los Angeles.

flipmode site profile image  

11/19/12 1:07 PM by flipmode

stonepony referencing Sports Science loler.

muay_jitsu site profile image  

11/19/12 11:08 AM by muay_jitsu

Cain....hype? LOL....If he is hype who would you rank above him? Overeem? Maybe.....Werdum? possible. Only two legitamite arguments. you could make. He got caught in the first fight and I think we all know as long as he does not get caught again his gas tank can beat dos santos.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

11/19/12 10:30 AM by MMALOGIC

if only this was Overeem/JDS.  

FlaccidJoe Isn't Elite site profile image  

11/19/12 10:03 AM by FlaccidJoe Isn't Elite

Watching his fights is the reason why I think he is overrated. He's a quality fighter, but he's going to get laid out again.

stonepony site profile image  

11/19/12 8:53 AM by stonepony

And, what's funny is that the people calling Cain hype, are the same tards who would claim that Antonia Silva is a top HW because he beat Fedor.

stonepony site profile image  

11/19/12 8:52 AM by stonepony

People overlooking Cain because he got caught early against Junior, are idiots. Watch the guy's fights again. The hardest strike ever recorded by Sports Science was Rua's strongest kick. Cain's punch is almost as powerful. Ask Nogueira, Cain was the first man to ever knock him out. 10-1. 9 of those wins are KO or TKO. He ripped half of Lesnar's face off and did what Carwin's hulk-smash blitz couldn't do.Show some respect.