Gegard Mousasi wants Shogun in UFC, gets Kyle in Strikeforce Finale

by Joshua Molina | source: fcfighter

Gegard Mousasi  said his return to the cage is imminent and that he expects he will soon fight in the UFC.

“If everything goes well, I will be headed to the UFC,” Mousasi told Full Contact Fighter, in an exclusive interview.  Mousasi is currently in training, although he said he cannot yet disclose where and when he will be fighting next.

“I have a fight coming up soon, but I can’t say anything yet,” Mousasi said. “They will announce it.”

He said his camp is in negotiations with the UFC, so expect to see him fighting in the Octagon.

“UFC is the biggest organization, so everyone’s goal is to be in the UFC,” Mousasi said. “The best thing is for me to go to the UFC as soon as possible. The UFC is the biggest and, if you can make your name there, that is the goal.”

When and if he gets there he said he plans to fight as a light heavyweight and would like to battle Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

“That would be a good fight,” Mousasi said. “That would be an exciting fight. He’s the kind of guy who likes to fight. I like to fight guys like him who come to fight instead of fight to win.”

If he loses, however, Mousasi said he would drop down to 185 pounds and fight as a middleweight, a weight class he believes he could dominate in.

“I am 100 percent positive about my abilities to beat anybody,” Mousasi said. “I don’t doubt myself I just have to have my priorities right. I know I can beat anybody.”

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Whatever Mousasi's hopes and intentions, MMAWeekly is reporting that he is set to face Mike Kyle in the Strikeforce Finale on Jan 12 in Oklahoma City. This is the fourth time the two have been scheduled to fight.

A light heavyweight showdown has been added to the final Strikeforce show coming in January as former champion Gegard Mousasi has agreed to face Mike Kyle.

The fight has been verbally agreed to by both fighters with bout agreements expected shortly.

Mousasi and Kyle were first scheduled to meet in 2011, but Kyle suffered a broken hand cancelling the bout. They were again paired up, and again the fight was cancelled, this time Mousasi was pulled from the fight for unknown reasons. Finally, Mousasi and Kyle were set to meet at Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey earlier this year, but another injury sidelined Kyle and the fight was delayed.

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orcus site profile image  

11/27/12 11:05 PM by orcus

How many high level/popular fighters are forced to fight less than they want to by the UFC?  Does Machida want to fight more often? He has turned down multiple fights that I'm aware of. Koscheck also fought a lot when not injured. So did Huerta. Most guys seem to be happy with how often they fight judging by how often we hear of them turning fights down and taking time off. Ecky, do you think Mousasi made us much for those fights as he would have for the same or close to the same number of fights in the UFC, assuming he would have won them all? Did he even get paid for his Dream fights? Also, he was injured in March of this year. There have been no Dream events this year and only a couple SF events since then.

SpiritualElixir site profile image  

11/27/12 10:50 PM by SpiritualElixir

Bingo you exposed the tactic spin doctoringThat orcus has always doneGreat call

EckY site profile image  

11/27/12 10:46 PM by EckY

Actually he had 10 fights and has been on a long injury layoff.  Also comparing amount of fights to Jon Jones for how many fights he would have had for UFC in that timeframe is a bit of a stretch considering Jones is pretty much the most active guy on the entire UFC roster during that time period, definitely for top level guys.   Why not compare his level of activity to a Machida for example?

SpiritualElixir site profile image  

11/27/12 10:04 PM by SpiritualElixir

Honestly Josh K is bringing truth

bleedblue1 site profile image  

11/27/12 5:02 PM by bleedblue1

ttt for a rssponse

Joshua J King site profile image  

11/25/12 5:23 PM by Joshua J King

Oh mos def. It's probably just intimidating or makes you fell trapped and controlled when your bound to a promotion exclusive contract. Also the unified rule set and the NCAA wrestling to mma draft means international strikers with BJJ get snugglefucked out of a fighting chance to make big money. You can look at it as greedy or self possessive from both perspectives. He should have been in the UFC a long time ago

MMALOGIC site profile image  

11/25/12 3:34 PM by MMALOGIC

he didnt sign with the UFC because his management (m1 appy echtold) screwed him and manipulated him into signing with SF when affliction went under.  They didnt accurately present UFC's offer to him. that's why he signed with SF initially.  He now has new management.

CLINTK9 site profile image  

11/25/12 3:28 PM by CLINTK9

that shit happens:full contact fighter submission fighterfighting sports newsletterfightsport magetc, etc all died while I had scrips, oh well. was happy to get them while they were alive.

orcus site profile image  

11/25/12 3:22 PM by orcus

But his fights over there during this time were basically throwaways.  And since starting in SF, he has had 9 fights across all orgs. During the same time period, Jon Jones has had 11 UFC fights. So if Mousasi just wanted to keep busy, or make more money, it seemed like an odd choice. If he's as good as he and his fans think, he could have been champ many fights ago in the UFC and making multi-millions per fight by now.

caseharts site profile image  

11/25/12 3:19 PM by caseharts