White: If GSP vs. Silva at 170, belt not on the line

source: mmajunkie

Following his win over Carlos Condit this past Saturday, UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre noted that UFC Middleweight Anderson Silva fought in PRIDE at 168 pounds and possibly carried the kind of frame suited to weight gains and drops – unlike him.

While UFC President Dana White hopes to make the match in 2013, one incentive would likely be off the table if Silva dropped to welterweight: GSP's belt.

"Probably not, because I don't know how many times Anderson would actually defend it," said White.

"It's more of a pound-for-pound, legacy-type fight," said White, who plans to give St-Pierre plenty of time to recover from his recent bout before approaching the possible matchup.

For his part, Silva suggested the potential fight should take place at 177 pounds.

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Read this if youre stupid site profile image  

11/23/12 10:12 PM by Read this if youre stupid

Guys, dont be so cynical! Dang!.Just enjoy the show!..Mma fans are the only fanbase that consistantly argue AGAINST their own benefit .... ..

Read this if youre stupid site profile image  

11/23/12 10:07 PM by Read this if youre stupid

Oh, as for their size difference ill defer you to dus 10's spot on analysis which is "1. All silva's loses came from guys near identical the size of GSP. 2. All gsp's loses come from short, stocky grappler guys (i.e the opposite of silva). GSPs record against non-wrestling strikers is perfect." :)

CindyO site profile image  

11/23/12 10:00 PM by CindyO

GSP vs Silva. The window of opportunity for this match to mean anything to the fans won't be open forever.   Cindy

Read this if youre stupid site profile image  

11/23/12 9:57 PM by Read this if youre stupid

I want this fight. :).George is a big boy, if he wants to fight, he'll fight. If not, he wont. He's not being bullied..Even if it is a lopsided fight, so what? Most silva/gsp fights are. Whoever loses will surely be comforted by his multi-milli $ check.Belts are meaningless as it is. My 2 cents

303 site profile image  

11/23/12 9:40 PM by 303

I do not understand why the UFC panders to GSP so much. He has fought once in the last 18 months. There are guys like Nick Diaz, Hendricks, Kampmen, Fitch, an in shape BJ, Rory, etc that have worked their way up in the division. A division that was once cleared out by GSP has again become pretty stacked. Now they would tell Anderson Silva he has to drop to 170 to fight GSP? A catch weight is the only thing that makes sense. Especially due to the fact neither will win or lose a belt.

Jive Turkey site profile image  

11/23/12 9:00 PM by Jive Turkey

If the Underground Blog wants to be taken seriously, they really need to start acting like fucking professionals and quit it with these intentionally misleading titles. I really hope it bites them in the ass soon

surfing site profile image  

11/22/12 10:36 PM by surfing

yes sir........

Entreri site profile image  

11/22/12 10:35 PM by Entreri

I completely disagree with GSP being bigger than all of his opponents, that is just a retarded statement. Did Condit looked tiny compared to GSP? Regardless, P4P is meaningless drivel. As for GOAT, here today (e.g. Fedor) gone tomorrow. Having a UFC belt and being such a dominate champion = $$$$$$$$.

32Hunter site profile image  

11/22/12 7:45 PM by 32Hunter

fuck off, if it's not for the belt.

BoilerBrawnByBeatdown site profile image  

11/22/12 7:44 PM by BoilerBrawnByBeatdown

if he were 30 or 31, he'd make 170 EASILYI wish he'd hit his PRIME in his mid to late 20's