Bisping not happy with Silva's indecision

by Steven Marroco | source:

Whatever Silva's plan is, Michael Bisping wants to make sure his middleweight division doesn't get left behind.

"Yes, of course, we like to fight, and it's a business as well," he said. "But you want that progression and to fulfill your dream, and my dream is to be world champion one day. We all have a clock that's ticking. I've still got a lot of time left, but I don't want to waste a year fighting for the hell of it. I want to know that I'm moving toward something."

"I kind of feel like he's maybe having a little bit of fun with it sometimes, but this isn't a comedy program," he said. "This is the UFC, and this is fighting. It's serious business. If you want to take a year out, take a year out. If you don't want to take a year out, fight the No. 1 contender. Anderson is the best, but you've got to defend that title."

"He's put us all in this position," Bisping said. "It just sucks for the fans that want to see Anderson fight. It sucks for the fighters that want to fight Anderson for his belt, and it sucks for the UFC, as well."

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BshMstr site profile image  

11/24/12 9:35 AM by BshMstr

i think Bisping is right in this situation as well...Silva is looking to never defend his title again, and keep taking non-relevant money fights until her retires.

KneeToFaceKO site profile image  

11/23/12 5:24 PM by KneeToFaceKO

Blah, blah, blah. Give him the shot, watch him get brutalized and relegated back to permanent gatekeeper status. Meh.

Toyota Cowboy site profile image  

11/23/12 5:14 PM by Toyota Cowboy

Duckas gonna duck!

A bailie site profile image  

11/23/12 3:16 PM by A bailie


Nick Fury site profile image  

11/23/12 3:06 PM by Nick Fury

Bisping is right on the money with this.

orcus site profile image  

11/23/12 1:01 PM by orcus

Already? He lost one fight ago and his win was a lackluster decision over Stann.

JFC1001 site profile image  

11/23/12 12:55 PM by JFC1001

A good point to make is that it is a business and Anderson is 37 years old. It's solid to think that he wants the fights to maximize the amount of the money can make over the next 2 years and he will retire. I fear Bisping will never face him. GSP super fight, one more MW title defense and then Jon Jones and be would more than likely retire. That's a smart play.

ufcman187 site profile image  

11/23/12 12:04 PM by ufcman187

Bisping is like bad rash. You hate it at 1st but like it or not, it grows on you. I am actually becoming a fan and I have no idea how it happened. He has some good points and I agree. The #1 contender should get the fight. There is a reason we have weight classes. Anderson is so dominate that I have no interest in seeing him fighting someone smaller than him.

PJ Benn Fan site profile image  

11/23/12 10:41 AM by PJ Benn Fan

There are differences etween the 2 situations you listed. GSP never dropped down to fight BJ. It would be the same if say GSP had sometimes fought at 185. But he hasnt. He always has fought at 170 and he has never said he will or wants to go up in weight. Like I said I am not a huge GSP fan but the way Silva is really gunning for the GSP fight instead of the Jones fight really makes Silva look less honorable IMO. And again he doesnt care. And thats fine. But if this fight goes through and he destroys GSP (which I think is the likely outcome) in 10 -15 years when people are still bringing it up he should not be surprised. Same with Floyd Mayweather. All the money in the world wont change the fact that many will refuse to recognize him as an all time great if he never fights Manny. Its the way it goes/

Teddy KGB site profile image  

11/23/12 10:26 AM by Teddy KGB

Im sure Anderson is sitting in his multimillion dollar mansion crying his eyes out that he has lost your respect.Why would it make sense to fight Jones first? If he beats Jones then there’s no way GSP would ever accept a fight with him plus most people would lose interest in the GSP fight. Makes perfect financial sense to fight and beat GSP in the biggest fight in UFC history which would then sets up the Jones fight to be even bigger.Plus I like the way that it was ok for GSP to fight BJ twice who was way smaller than GSP. I assume nobody on this forum counts those victories on GSP’s record and that at the time nobody on this site was interested in that fight when it happened. I assume none of you bought the pvp just like you wont if GSP Silva happens.Reality is that GSP legacy was built partially around the fact he beat BJ twice and BJ’s legacy has been discredited by GSP fans ever since that fight just because he lost to a much bigger fighter. Good news is the exact same thing will happen to GSP if he accept and losses to Silva. All this p4p/goat talk will be a thing of the past for GSP.