The art in Dana White's office


FastCompany recently did a profile of the UFC that included an inventory of the artwork in Dana White's office.

A visitor to White's office in the headquarters of Zuffa, the UFC's parent company, will encounter a yakuza member having sex with a young woman. The giant Nobuyoshi Araki print hangs on a wall next to a giant print of Mike Tyson's bull neck, which isn't far from a giant print of a gorilla holding a gun. A partial list of the room's other contents: a painting that blares "Pay attention, motherfuckers!"; copies of the Old and New Testaments carved into the shape of pistols; a $380,000 print of a naked Stephanie Seymour hanging over the toilet. The showpiece, however, is against the back wall inside a glass case. "Check this out," White says, hovering reverently over the case. "I bought it from a museum in Dallas." It is a fossilized sabertooth tiger skull. It cost $160,000.

By contrast, Lorenzo Fertitta, the UFC CEO and White's best friend, has a Basquiat hanging in his adjacent office. He won't talk about the painting unless prompted. Fertitta and White met in high school. As different as they are, they complement each other nicely: White's streetwise yang to the pensive yin of Fertitta, a New York University business-school grad who focuses on strategy.

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Albert Watson, 'Monkey With Gun', (1992)

Bruce Nauman, 'pay attention motherfuckers', (1973)

Nobuyoshi Araki,  Yakuza Sex

Albert Watson, Mike Tyson, Catskills, New York (1986)

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jersey Joe Walcott, (1982)

Robert The, book gun

Smilodon Fatalis, Pleistocene era

Scroll down for an NSFW nude image of Stephanie Seymour. It is not in Dana's office, and it may or may not be the image in Dana's office, but it is an artistic - but NSFW - image of Stephanie Seymour.

























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stonepony site profile image  

11/27/12 8:16 AM by stonepony


Ryan Black site profile image  

11/27/12 3:57 AM by Ryan Black

Well it is very much appreciated :)And, you most certainly ARE awesome... one of the coolest people here. Your positivity is refreshing.I'd love to own those Bible Gun pieces- the more I look at the pictures. It's definitely on the list, lol. I just find it very powerful art. And I would also really like to hear how DFW feels about those pieces, specifically. Awesome stuff...

outtrigger site profile image  

11/27/12 1:03 AM by outtrigger

The chimp holding revolver art totally epiphanize the UFC: mad ape Dana White holding a gun to the fighters head once they sign the UFC contract. Totally make sense

Kirik site profile image  

11/26/12 12:37 PM by Kirik

I am going to set up a Bliptadon Ground :-)

Mayhem13 site profile image  

11/26/12 12:33 PM by Mayhem13

When I was about 12-13 years old I found a megaladon tooth in the beach in Venice, Florida.I was so excited. Took it back to where we were staying, wrapped it up in paper towels, packed it up and when we got back home I unwrapped it to find it somehow was snapped in half in the luggage while traveling back to OH. I was super bummed out.

cheesesteak site profile image  

11/26/12 12:14 PM by cheesesteak

very avant-garde

stonepony site profile image  

11/26/12 7:33 AM by stonepony

Yeah, meteorites/fossils are both fascinating IMO. I found a spear-head when I was a kid, was big and white/orange and semi transparent. Lost it.I know if I bought a trilobite I'd probably try to continue extracting it from the matrix. Dental tools and a dremil or something, until I broke it.

Phil Cornelius site profile image  

11/26/12 3:35 AM by Phil Cornelius

When u have that much just spend just to spend..6 figures on art should be giving that 6 figures to the humans that put more money in his pocket down the road

mmavixen site profile image  

11/26/12 3:26 AM by mmavixen

You're too sweet.  I'm not awesome, I just know a good, intelligent post when I see one and reward accordingly. :)

Jive Turkey site profile image  

11/26/12 3:07 AM by Jive Turkey

Good point about crocodiles. I've got both a megalodon tooth and a hollardops trilobite. My trilobite isn't nearly as intricate as the one you linked to, but the detail is amazing. You're able to make out all the little individual lenses in the eye. It still blows my mind when I look at it.You should start a collection; you seem really interested