Dana White disappointed with how Strikeforce turned out

source: mmajunkie

"I don't have anything to do with them" was a common response when reporters wanted to get UFC president Dan White's take on Strikeforce.

White recently, though, admitted he's disappointed with how things have turned out for the promotion.

"I am (disappointed)," White told a small group of reporters following the post-even news conference for UFC 154 in Montreal this past week. "I don't want to talk any s---, though. I could for about four hours. But I won't. It's not worth it."

TMZ recently reported that the Jan. 12 show would be Strikeforce's last. Zuffa officials have not confirmed that, and White stopped short of confirming it as well.

He simply reiterated that he always had been hopeful of what Zuffa might be able to do with Strikeforce, and disappointment with how things have transpired down the stretch with the pair of cancellations.

"Yeah, I was excited," White said. "You guys know that. I was really excited about it."

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Chris27 site profile image  

11/24/12 7:02 PM by Chris27

Showtime wasnt gonna pay for that. Dana wanted control to see what he can do but SHowtime said no and he said fuck it.Showtime was not gonna pay big money to get Jamie Varner/Melvin main events with TUF fighters and prospects. It ends up being why the hell are we putting on these lower events, same happened with WEC, its not gonna make money and right now Zuffa should be focusing 100 percent attention on the UFC.

Enemies site profile image  

11/24/12 6:58 PM by Enemies

Strikeforce should have definitely been used to send talent and personalities (that you don't really want to lose) like Dan Hardy who had a string of losses in a row to build them back up to send them into the UFC.Start collecting talent early, throw them in Strikeforce, if they prove themselves (or re-prove themselves) send them to the big show.

DanteHec site profile image  

11/24/12 6:33 PM by DanteHec

That's what I would have done.

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

11/24/12 6:19 PM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

Should have kept strikeforce as a farm league, you know, for young guys to get experience and for guys who get cut after 1 or 2 losses to get a chance to bounce back.

Rear Naked Chode site profile image  

11/24/12 4:41 PM by Rear Naked Chode

Pretty much, I'm sure he said something similar about pride. As a business man I'm sure it's in his best interest but it sucks from a fan perspective.

Joshua J King site profile image  

11/24/12 4:40 PM by Joshua J King

The problem was the Neanderthal way they went about it. Dana said it himself.Strikeforce fighters were under a zuffa contract. They have over 500 fighters contracted in total,why is it that they had to have this selfish and possessive mentality? Plenty of fighters could have saved Strikeforce cards and vice versa. BUUUUT we can't have UFC guys on Showtime and Strikeforce guys on our ppv and cable slots,treating both promotions as if they were in separate realities incapable of existing within the same space time continuum. Retarded.

itskrisdude site profile image  

11/24/12 4:33 PM by itskrisdude

You create an over-populated roster when you simply merge the two companies. There's not enough events to get all these guys fighting regularly.At some point they're going to have to do something to remedy the issue. The talent grows along with the sport, and the sheer numbers will need to be accomodated.

slumdog site profile image  

11/24/12 4:31 PM by slumdog

Or is he...?

Bofbro site profile image  

11/24/12 4:30 PM by Bofbro

The Strikeforce events just before Zuffa got involved were alot better than what the UFC were putting out at the time.Threat destroyed.