Rockhold injures wrist, off Strikeforce Finale title fight


Even Strikeforce’s swan song cannot manage to escape the curse.  The latest fighter forced to withdraw with an injury is yet another of the promotion’s champions, middleweight kingpin Luke Rockhold.

The MMA Corner has learned from sources close to the camp of Rockhold that the middleweight champion has suffered a wrist injury and has been forced to withdraw from his scheduled Jan. 12 title defense against Lorenz Larkin.

This is not the first blow to what was once a stacked grand finale for the Strikeforce brand.  The promotion’s lightweight champion, Gilbert Melendez, has also been sidelined, resulting in the scrapping of his title defense against Pat Healy.  What was once an event loaded with three title fights now has just one remaining, as the welterweight championship contest between title holder Nate Marquardt and challenger Tarec Saffiedine remains intact and will be promoted to the headlining spot on the card.

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Ludelow site profile image  

11/26/12 9:42 AM by Ludelow

nope, that is not true.

kinson site profile image  

11/25/12 11:34 PM by kinson

Sucks to suck.

Libero21 site profile image  

11/25/12 11:32 PM by Libero21

Standing ovation for that gif

Chris27 site profile image  

11/25/12 11:29 PM by Chris27

Yup. Think about it if you are Rockhold, you go and lose to Larkin, a relative unknown, what happens to your UFC career? He goes in as the SF MW champ he is gonna fight someone like Belcher/Okami, Stann, Lombard/Palhares, he is gonna get a top fighter right away. If he loses to Larkin he is gonna be fighting someone like Costa or Nick Ring or Leben if he is lucky.Same with Gilbert. Coming in as the SF champ gives them more leverage negotiating a new contract with the UFC and it gets them big fights vs contenders right away. A loss on the last SF card would be a huge blow to them right before they finally get what they have been hoping for, big fights in the UFC.

RKing85 site profile image  

11/25/12 11:08 PM by RKing85

not surprized at all that people are dropping off this StrikeForce card.Why risk a fight here when you can pull out and fight 2 months laters in the UFC.

Augie Max site profile image  

11/25/12 8:05 PM by Augie Max

Stacked with injuries.

rosario00 site profile image  

11/25/12 6:40 PM by rosario00

Only Jacare can save this

Nucky site profile image  

11/25/12 6:33 PM by Nucky

Card went from Epic to maybe ill tune in.

stonepony site profile image  

11/25/12 6:12 PM by stonepony

Yeah... Anderson wasn't rejecting Weidman and calling out Luke because Luke was the bigger risk.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

11/25/12 5:52 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

It will be sweet when Melendez and Rockhold get beaten in the UFC and we can quit hearing of their lofty rankings based upon being a Strikeforce champ. Alvarez will stomp Melendez. Which is likely why they'll not make that bout. They'll soft touch Gil and feed Eddie to the wolves. Luke is good looking so they will soft touch him at first too in order to gauge potential sales from him in the future v