Fighter beats two brothers in six seconds


MMA in the wild!

Lightning head kick!!

Furious ground n pound!!!


Victor chews out two "bros" who are apparently in fact brothers.Some of the other verbiage not ready for print.

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SonOfThePeepHole site profile image  

12/2/12 6:25 AM by SonOfThePeepHole

Sub for when i get home

redrum85 site profile image  

12/2/12 5:14 AM by redrum85


mclay site profile image  

12/2/12 3:30 AM by mclay

Man that was a quick kick..Lol at guy getting kicked getting up and stumbling towards the kid then stumbling backwards after a dazed re-think!Team Alpha win..

ManWithTheIronFists site profile image  

12/2/12 3:26 AM by ManWithTheIronFists

funny thing is you'd probably be too pussy to even fight 2 guys at once.

mclay site profile image  

12/2/12 3:21 AM by mclay

As usual 30-27 for the brothers...

Stone Rolled site profile image  

12/2/12 3:07 AM by Stone Rolled

I'M NOT FUCKING = I've done enough banging bro.

mister3mma site profile image  

12/2/12 2:45 AM by mister3mma

And we don't come to the river for that

mister3mma site profile image  

12/1/12 8:33 PM by mister3mma

Bc he didn't come to the river for that

GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE site profile image  

12/1/12 8:30 PM by GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE

Agreed - Judging by the lack of laughter/cheering I bet most of that crowd were either with the brothers or he assumed they where. I wouldnt have hung out either

MarkRobinson site profile image  

12/1/12 8:23 PM by MarkRobinson

Does anyone know why he was getting hyphy, bro?