Gustafsson wants title shot after Rua bout

source: FuelTV

"I want fight the champ after this fight, that's what I want to do. My focus is on Shogun 100 percent, but when I win the fight, I will - I want to fight for the belt.

What I really need to be looking out for when it comes to Shogun is his heart. He is willing to take a beating to get what he wants, so it's a fighter you have to - the more you punch him the better he gets, so it's a tricky opponent. Then he has really good knockout power, good kicks, he has a good double leg, take people down and leg locks, you know, that's his thing. So it's a tricky fighter and the best opponent so far. It will be a stand-up war. Shogun is a very aggressive fighter and he hits very hard, but he doesn't have proper technique.

I will be fast, I will be keep my technique, keep my game plan and I will stay on the outside, and I will, you know, take my time."

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Recent Comments »

Book4 site profile image  

11/28/12 11:30 PM by Book4

this kid is toast. thiago wobbled him so if i use mmath then i can assume rua will murder him. easy money

ssj site profile image  

11/28/12 6:59 PM by ssj

Big fan of both fighters, either Shogun will have a glorious revival ala Chuck or Gustaf will elevate himself to the elite.Either way the winner is going to tangle with the Machida-Hendo winner and we will have another worthy contender

thatsme site profile image  

11/28/12 6:32 PM by thatsme

What is with everyone becoming mini-Chael Sonnens? There is no way this kid should be looking past Shogun.I won't even give his statement legitimacy by comparing him to Jones, when he doesn't deserve to be in the same ring with Rua.Here's to Rua knocking that block off.

dmoralesf site profile image  

11/28/12 5:29 PM by dmoralesf

Who wants a name change bet? I got Gustaffson. 30, 60 or 90 days.

iodio site profile image  

11/28/12 4:27 PM by iodio

Gustafsson won't be able to knock Rua out, he can win by decision, he's the most accurate striker, has a longer reach, but once Rua lands his hand on his face the fight is over. Test his chin, Shogun.

Woodford Mike site profile image  

11/28/12 1:57 PM by Woodford Mike

Yeah, Shogun is FAR from a gimme.But I would like to see Gustaffson vs JBJ. I think Jones gets a lot of mileage out of that ridiculous reach advantage and id be interested in seeing how he handles another long, lanky fighter with good standup. Suspect it might be one of his toughest fights.

shaqitup site profile image  

11/28/12 1:09 PM by shaqitup

If he wins within the distance (man i wish this fight was 5 rounds...) then i would agree.Maybe regardless, but it depends on how impressive he looks.

benjitsu13 site profile image  

11/28/12 1:09 PM by benjitsu13

I am curious to see if this pans out the way you say. I have to give Jones SO much credit for having so much success with questionable (yet unorthodox) striking. I think his incredible fight IQ hides whatever holes he does have and wonder if he is in the "riddle" phase similar to Machida's early success (except Machida backs his unorthodoxy with decades of dedicated high level karate competition.

I_Bungalo_Baboo_Babies site profile image  

11/28/12 1:07 PM by I_Bungalo_Baboo_Babies

So hes gonna jab and jog?

Whiskey Please site profile image  

11/28/12 1:05 PM by Whiskey Please

the battle of short shorts. Nair by TKO