Bisping: Vitor will become a walking punching bag

by Dave Meltzer | source:

"Far be it from me to look past Vitor," said Bisping. "I'm trying to make this fight more significant. I'm concerned that I've got my hands full. It's not going to be easy. We're fighting in Brazil. He hits hard. But I think I'll weather the storm and he'll become a punching bag."

"It's well documented, rightly or wrongly, that Vitor gasses quickly," said Bisping. "He does slow down after the first round. Obviously, early for me is going to be the most dangerous. The longer the fight goes, he'll start turning into a walking punching bag. At least that's the plan. It's easier said than done. He's going to come out hard and fast, and he will be dangerous. He's a big middleweight. He's been a heavyweight (tournament) champion, and was a light heavyweight champion back in the day. But these are the kind of fights I'm going to take if I want to back up my talking.

"I feel like I'm in my prime," said Bisping, who turns 34 in three months. "I relocated to Southern California. I've really enjoyed my training here. I've got new training partners and the more time I spend here, the more good people I find to train with. I'm training smarter instead of harder. I've got a long time left in my career."

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YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

11/29/12 7:13 PM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

Vitor is the Zab Judah of MMA. These guys are early round fighters. Beastly and extremely dangerous at the beginning but they fade gradually as the fight goes on. If Bisping can weather the early storm, settle and impose his pace, his rhythm, then he has a much better chance of winning.

ranger mick site profile image  

11/29/12 6:47 PM by ranger mick

Bisping has developed into a complete fighter for sure. Much respect, he talks some trash and even here he tries to give Vitor credit but just can't commit to it fully. The Sonnen fight made me a believer so the talking doesn't mean to much.However, Vitor takes it IMO. And no he's not going to mentally wilt or get tired. That's just wishful thinking.

JBASS site profile image  

11/29/12 5:41 PM by JBASS

A Vitor looping punch will beat a bisping straight punch IMO...Vitor's hands are too quick for bisping to try stand with him.

The Cats Masher site profile image  

11/29/12 5:35 PM by The Cats Masher

I like the sounds of that.

jhovanp site profile image  

11/29/12 5:24 PM by jhovanp

Vitor by flying armbar..

Savron site profile image  

11/29/12 5:18 PM by Savron

I dislike Bisping immensely He talks bollocks and is a cheat.And the spitting incident just goes to show how classless and chav this bloke really is deep down.WAR VITOR.

Gooner H Smith site profile image  

11/29/12 5:04 PM by Gooner H Smith

Vitor by swarm and maul in the first. 

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

11/29/12 5:01 PM by yellow wrkahlc

You all know Vitor's gonna break his hand, yes?

Mr Mister site profile image  

11/29/12 5:00 PM by Mr Mister

Hmmm now I have read your post again I don't have a problem with it at all and think you may be right. I think I took it as you were saying its what he always does.Sorry fren, good post and reply

Seats Taken site profile image  

11/29/12 4:45 PM by Seats Taken

The title hasn't been defended since July and Silva doesn't want to fight until late 2013... That's well over a year before 1 superfight. Then he'll want another vacation before wanting to do another. If he wants to pursue these super fights I wish he would retire as the undefeated MW champion. Then they should do a tournament with the top 8 contenders. The first round could be 4 awesome fights on a main card, then the semis could co main an a cable card and then the finals could be for the new champion.