Benson: I’m just trying to get a W


“I think the first two Frankie fights, the first one was close and everyone was hoping that the second one wouldn’t be as close, be more decisive, but sadly the second one was even closer than the first one. It is what it is,” Henderson said recently when speaking to

So for his second title defense Henderson now draws former Ultimate Fighter winner and perennial bad boy Nate Diaz at UFC on FOX 5, but his philosophy and approach in the fight is exactly the same

Win by any means necessary.

“I’m just trying to get a W,” said Henderson. “I’m trying to get my hand raised however I can get it. He slips on a banana peel, I’ll take it. If it’s a decisive victory, I’ll take it.

“If it’s a closer razor thin decision, even closer than the second Frankie fight, I’ll take that too. Getting a W is not easy to come by in the UFC going against the best guy literally on the planet. I’ll take it any way I can get it.”

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alkysmurf site profile image  

12/4/12 12:05 AM by alkysmurf

So now we are in agreement that bendo plans on utilizing a point fight mentality/game plan. We differ on our opinions of that mentality/game plan, but at least we're on the same page.

irishman84 site profile image  

12/3/12 11:04 PM by irishman84

Great more win worshipping. fuck what it looks like. Nevermind all these cameras streaming the fight to living rooms at 50 bucks a pop.

kingkoopa site profile image  

12/3/12 8:23 PM by kingkoopa

Cant wait for this bout... would like to see a rematch with pettis as well as pettis vs nate

in_different site profile image  

12/3/12 7:57 PM by in_different

what you dont understand is that it takes two.if nate gets taken down and cant get back up, thats his problem. im rooting for bendo, but i understand Nate is dangerous. he will threaten off his back and work his way up to his feet.If bendo decides to use angles and footwork, well Nate better be able to deal with that. Its his problem if he can use his own footwork. plodding forward and then being mad at the other guy is stupid. But i dont see Nate doing that for 5 rounds either. it will be a fight. two guys are getting beat up. one is going to come out on top. everyone loves to be negative on this damn forum. wait till the fight happens that start bitching at least.

alkysmurf site profile image  

12/3/12 7:52 PM by alkysmurf

I think you've got us wrong. I'm certainly not saying Benson isn't a very exciting fighter, he's one of my favorites because of his style. However Benson is basically saying he wants to win this fight so bad he is willing to do whatever it takes, aka a boring decision win. He is saying it not us.

GriffinQ site profile image  

12/3/12 7:50 PM by GriffinQ

You don't need to shit on Frankie to boost up Bendo. I'm a massive Bendo fan, but Frankie has been in entertaining fights where he didn't get knocked silly.His fights with Tyson and Veach come to mind.

in_different site profile image  

12/3/12 7:45 PM by in_different

you people all suck. Benson always brings it!!he has been in some of MMA's great fights.Cerrone v HendersonPettis v HendersonGuida v HendersonFrankie v Hendersongive it a rest guys. the man always brings it. If you are complaining because his last performance, thats silly. Frankie attracts boring fights. the only time they really stand out is if Frankie gets knocked silly and keeps chugging anyway. Look forward to a great fight saturday

esch99 site profile image  

12/3/12 7:31 PM by esch99

Henderson was a lot more exciting to watch in the WEC...these days he seems to only be trying to win decisions and avoid a war.

alkysmurf site profile image  

12/3/12 7:28 PM by alkysmurf

Chaz knows! Don't get me wrong I've always found Benson entertaining, but he has been talking allot about how he's going to beat nate, wasn't he the one that said the blueprint to beat nate is known.... now this....

Chaz Johnson site profile image  

12/3/12 7:22 PM by Chaz Johnson

He is going to use the side kicks and takedowns rinse and repeat