Rick Flair: Harley Race would have been MMA champ

source: wrestlenewz.com

With the extraordinary success of Brock Lesnar, the idea of rasslers crossing over to MMA is no longer a joke. Rick Flair was recently interviewed by wrestlenewz.com and as is becoming standard in pro wrestling interviews, the line of questioning turned to MMA.

WrestleNewz: If you were 21 years old today, do you think you’d go into MMA instead of pro wrestling?

Rick Flair:  No, I wouldn’t.  I will watch MMA if someone I know is actually in it, but all the guys I know personally are gone. Liddell’s gone - he’s a good friend.  Ortiz is gone - he’s a good friend too. Brock Lesnar is gone.  The other guys now, I don’t watch, because I don’t care about them.

But I’ll tell you: I have been in matches with Bruiser Brody that were tougher than any MMA match! Especially in Tokyo. Same thing with Stan Hansen. Try getting in the ring with him one time in Tokyo, brother. Good lord!

And FYI, nobody in MMA could have beaten Harley Race or Dick Slater. Those guys were just that tough. And remember Haku? Don’t ever think that anybody would mess with Haku. If he was a young guy and he got into MMA, my god - he’d have done everything! He was the toughest son of a bitch I’ve ever met in my whole life. No lie, take my word for it.

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smackgod9 site profile image  

12/6/12 1:44 PM by smackgod9

Flair is close to senile.

tres_equis_666 site profile image  

12/6/12 12:54 AM by tres_equis_666

Damn I miss the Nitro and the Monday Night wars.And how Schiavone/Tenay or JR/Lawler reacted when nWo/DX did something fucked up.

MinnowInaMankiniGotAced site profile image  

12/6/12 12:15 AM by MinnowInaMankiniGotAced

Meng/Haku has a rep for being bat-shit crazy, biting off peoples faces in fights and jamming fingers in eyesockets.Harley Race has a rep for pulling a gun on people...Don't see how either would have been successful in modern MMA.The rasslers who would be successful in MMA are the ones with legitimate wrestling backgrounds, like Lesnar.

Golden Boy site profile image  

12/6/12 12:06 AM by Golden Boy

Davis actually opened a gym and had people paying him to train him.

hiptosser site profile image  

12/6/12 12:05 AM by hiptosser

I think I remember seeing Dr.Death legit fighting in some event back in the early 90's (on vhs)

keiths site profile image  

12/5/12 11:51 PM by keiths

Golden boy there are several guys that just werent given the chance from your hometown. Richard Rojas, David Davis, Billy Jack Hudson, etc..

sunderground site profile image  

12/5/12 11:50 PM by sunderground

I was stuck on a plane with the WWE coming back from Australia. They had done a show in Melbourne and I was the only "normal" person in business class.Have never seen such a group of rude fucked up non-athletes.Pro wrestling is fucking stupid. And Flair is roided up idiot.

kumikata site profile image  

12/5/12 11:41 PM by kumikata

Also, "Dr. Death" Steve Williams. Steve wrestled Bruce Baumgartner (2X Olympic Gold Medalist at 286 lbs, USA) to a close decision in college. That's actually quite a feat.Antonio Inoki needs to be mentioned as well.

Golden Boy site profile image  

12/5/12 11:37 PM by Golden Boy

There were 3 fighters from my hometown. None of them had any world class skill sets. They got their start from training in high school mat rooms and garages. All three went on to be contenders in the UFC with one winning the title.Now my hometown has a handfull of MMA gyms. The best equimpent and trainers brought in from all over the world. With more than double the weight classes and 5x the annual events nowadays its a lot easier to make the big show. Not 1 fighter since has made it to the UFC.The long winded point I'm trying to make is you can train a guy to fight but you can't train a motherfucker to be bad.