Jackson: We've got our eyes on Hendricks for GSP

source: mmamania.com

After St. Pierre's most recent victory over Carlos Condit at UFC 154 last month, Jackson appeared on Monday's edition of Inside MMA on AXS TV where the famed trainer discussed who and what is next for the UFC welterweight champion.

His words:

"I don't know [who GSP will fight next], there's certainly some really tough guys out there, I'll tell you who we got our eye on is Hendricks. The guy's got a big bomb, he's good wrestling and I think he's going to pose a lot of problems, so we've really got to keep our eye on him."

In the eyes of most mixed martial arts (MMA) fans, Hendricks become the number one 170-pound contender with a brutal first-round knockout of Martin Kampmann just minutes before St. Pierre defeated Condit at UFC 154 in Montreal.

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Recent Comments »

cheesesteak site profile image  

12/5/12 7:23 PM by cheesesteak

I don't like you cambeeze, but that shit was funny. VTFU

fishyfish site profile image  

12/5/12 7:00 PM by fishyfish

Greg Jackson is a BAWSS (even though I hated Condit vs Diaz I.  I hope there will be a f****** rematch BTW, where both fighters can redeem themselves)

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

12/5/12 4:06 PM by yellow wrkahlc

I've said enough on the GSP/Jackson matter. But one undisputable fact is this: Hendricks is next in line, no matter how you look at it.

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

12/5/12 2:43 PM by LilBrockonmychest

Ha alright man....have a good one.  Returned the favor.

Malvert the Janitor site profile image  

12/5/12 2:40 PM by Malvert the Janitor

Vote up for your troubles.

Malvert the Janitor site profile image  

12/5/12 2:39 PM by Malvert the Janitor

I'll agree to disagree, but this discussion is pointless. See you around the forums!

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

12/5/12 2:24 PM by LilBrockonmychest

For a non story it sure lead the headlines when the rumors came out earlier in the year. And to compare him to a gymnastics instructor is just silly, and I'm sure you know that.  How many times have you seen the gymnastics instructor as the one person allowed in the cage in between rounds giving Georges advice?  Not sure if you've fought before but who a fighter chooses to designate that responsibility to is not taken lightly.  There is a reason GSP wants Jackson in there over Firas or anyone else from Tristar.

Malvert the Janitor site profile image  

12/5/12 2:13 PM by Malvert the Janitor

At best, Greg supplements GSP's training. GSP "leaving" Greg would be, IMO, as big of a headline as GSP leaving his gymnastics instructor. I think we can all agree that Georges' chances of retaining his title aren't going to me made or broken by his loose affiliation with Jackson. Jackson serves as a strategist for George and, IMO, the team at TriStar is doing just fine in that regard.Whether or not Georges retains Jackson's strategic services (and I believe you when you say he has) is a non-story, IMO.

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

12/5/12 2:04 PM by LilBrockonmychest

Ha...no.  I'm relaxed.  Just trying to bring some facts to the conversaion :)  Like I said, I always hear people say that GSP is leaving/ has left GJ, but no one can provide a link/source since all parties involved have denied it.  I know a rumor was started earlier in the year and it's like people on here keep feeding off that and other posters.

Malvert the Janitor site profile image  

12/5/12 1:49 PM by Malvert the Janitor

Someone's trolling for an argument today...I don't think anyone is asserting they know more than Greg or more than professional fighters. We're just expressing opinions, man. Relax.


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