MacDonald earns dominant decision over Penn


B.J. Penn's struggles at welterweight continued, and the division may have seen the continuation of a changing of the guard.

Rory MacDonald spent 15 minutes beating up Penn, a former two-division champion and likely future UFC Hall of Famer, and cruised to a unanimous decision victory with a pair of 30-26 scores and a 30-27. Then he called out the only man who has beaten him.

The welterweight bout opened up the main card of Saturday's UFC on FOX 5 event at Seattle's KeyArena. It aired on FOX following prelims on FX and Facebook.

"There's a guy that humiliated me a couple years ago, and I want my revenge," MacDonald said. "Carlos Condit, I want a rematch. Accept my challenge. Let's do it in March – I'm going to get my revenge."

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Rory MacDonald Vs. BJ "The Prodigy" Penn
Fight was scheduled for 3 rounds (5x5x5)
Name Rory MacDonald <a href=Rory MacDonald" />
Height 5′ 11″ (180.34 cm)
Weight 155 (70.31 kg)
Record 13-1-0
Name BJ Penn <a href=BJ Penn" />
Height 5′ 9″ (175.26 cm)
Weight 170 (77.11 kg)
Record 16-8-2
Team BJ Penn's MMA
Rory MacDonald defeated B.J. Penn by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)



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wink91wink site profile image  

12/10/12 11:53 PM by wink91wink

I'm saying many BJ fans continually make excuses for him when he loses. BJ does not have the best cardio and that is a known fact. BJ fans need to understand that statement and not continually use his conditioning as an excuse to why he didn't win and use it as a reason to take something away from his opponent.

falsecrack site profile image  

12/10/12 12:52 PM by falsecrack

In one sentence you state that you're sick of people making excuses for BJ not being motivated and showing up to fights out of shape, and in the very next sentence transition into being unhappy with Rory not getting his due. Which is it? Are you downplaying Rory's performance by saying BJ showed up out of shape, or are you arguing Rory was impressive?I think BJ showed up to this fight in shape and encountered the best Rory MacDonald we've seen yet. I never really thought too much of the kid's hype prior to his fight - I saw him ragdoll Nate Diaz and smother Che Mills, but this fight is where I feel like he announced his arrival to the division as a true contender to the belt putting together a versatile and crisp striking game against one of best of the old guard.

wink91wink site profile image  

12/10/12 3:00 AM by wink91wink

I'm not reviling in him failing. I am sick of people making always making excuses about him not being "motivated" when he continually comes in out of shape. And people not giving Rory credit because of him not being "motivated".

Malvert the Janitor site profile image  

12/9/12 3:50 PM by Malvert the Janitor

Sad face...

falsecrack site profile image  

12/9/12 3:48 PM by falsecrack

LOL at the amount of people reviling in BJ failing - I guess if you can't be successful in life, just take joy in the failure of others while vicariously "winning" because the guy or team you cheer for won.

wink91wink site profile image  

12/9/12 2:13 PM by wink91wink

LOL at the amount of butt hurt Penn fans in here. "It would be a different story if Penn came in motivated!" GET OVER IT! He is not motivated, and he's nowhere near what he used to be. He is 1-4-1 in his last 6 fights. I don't care who he is fighting, he will never be champion again or even beat a new top contender. You guys need to move on just like BJ needs to.

sside maurice site profile image  

12/9/12 1:30 PM by sside maurice

How about raising your hands in victory after getting tooled for 3 rounds straight?

Jive Turkey site profile image  

12/9/12 1:15 PM by Jive Turkey

Know what's worse than showboating when you're actually beating a guy? Showboating when you're getting the shit kicked out of you, like your man Nate Diaz last night

razrtyrone site profile image  

12/9/12 10:57 AM by razrtyrone

Sounding like BJ is an easy guy to put away, Machida couldn't put him away.Putting in perspective, guys back then are not as good as guys now (UFC was not really universally #1 back in the days), put a Ben Henderson now to fight the guys ten years ago he'll probably smash everyone in the lightweight divisionBJ submitting Hughes is not a fair comparison to the possibility of Rory taking out Anderson, Hughes is great and all but he doesn't go up weight classes and still have a 16 fight win streak in the UFCBeyond that I felt Rory was wasting time in the third round pushing BJ against the cage for half the round, his 1st two rounds has elements of impressiveness but to conclude with not impressed, guess you're hard to please

whoabro site profile image  

12/9/12 10:11 AM by whoabro

It feels so good to watch, doesnt it??