Undercard fighters take OTN bonuses at UFC on FOX 5

source: The Underground Blog

The free TV main event card at UFC on FOX 5 was phenomenal - easily worthy of a PPV. And in a testament to the excellence of the entire card, all the $65,000 performance bonuses were awarded to the undercard!

Fight of the Night:
Scott Jorgensen and John Albert ($65,000/each)

Submission of the Night:
Scott Jorgensen ($65,000)

Knockout of the Night:
Yves Edwards ($65,000)


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razrtyrone site profile image  

12/9/12 7:26 PM by razrtyrone

GSP/Koscheck FOTN was voted by fans and it was a one time thing.

mmavixen site profile image  

12/9/12 2:23 PM by mmavixen

I was a happy girl until the prelims started.  It says a lot about how a card turned out when all the bonuses go to the prelim guys. I love Scotty, but I agree that the Shank/Martinez was FON. But  I agree with Yves getting  the KON.  Every time Jeremy, throws a punch, you can feel the power.  I love both guys but congrats to Yves, the smoothest cat in el mundo.

sparkuri site profile image  

12/9/12 1:05 PM by sparkuri

Cruickshank was FOTN & KOOTN, easily.Politics. I hope they make it right behind closed doors

6ULDV8 site profile image  

12/9/12 12:51 PM by 6ULDV8

Sadly BJ, Shogun and Diaz fan.  Not a great night for me.   It hurt to watch.

BaraoKix site profile image  

12/9/12 12:49 PM by BaraoKix

BJ or Shogun fan?

fightsfan site profile image  

12/9/12 12:28 PM by fightsfan

Totaly in agreement on YVES EDWARDS getting KO of the night. Cruikshanks was great also but .........YVES was against JEREMY STEPHENS a much more proven and high profile opponent who has fought some monsters and never been KO'ed.Got to give Jorgensen credit for going for it and getting the sub but other better fights for FOTN. Dana must want to really reward Jorgensen for some reason, really likes him.

MdGeist site profile image  

12/9/12 12:14 PM by MdGeist

Hey, they gave GSP/Condit FOTN which was about the most one-sided, GnP beat down session as you could imagine, aside from the one knockdown scored by Condit. GSP also has FOTN awards against Fitch and Koscheck which some of the judges scoring those fights 50-44 and 50-43, so one-sided domination FOTN awards aren't out of the ordinary. I think Cruickshank/Martinez or Bendo/Diaz should have gotten FOTN last night. Maybe not Penn/Rory because that pace of the 3rd round really slowed, but I think its important to weigh the fact that one fighter takes an enormous amount of punishment yet doesn't mentaly give up and still continues to try to engage.

UGCTT_THE Kevin Chandler site profile image  

12/9/12 11:28 AM by UGCTT_THE Kevin Chandler

Lol, are you for serious right now?  They definitely made the right call.  The fact that you're even mentioning Penn/Rory, Bendo/Diaz, or Cruickshank/Martinez is absurd.  I mean, MAYBE Shogun/Gus had a little more back and forth but it is called "Fight of the Night", not "most dominant one-sided victory of the night".  Jorgensen Albert was really the only back and forth match (albeit for one round) so an easy FOTN honors IMO.   I do agree with you that Kruickshank should've got KOTN but to be fair he had Martinez so rocked at that point it was just a matter of landing the next shot, Yves (IMO) showed more skill with his KO finish over Stephens.

brianlg site profile image  

12/9/12 11:13 AM by brianlg

figured shogun/gus would be FOTN2xbonuses for Scotty, not mad about it. Good to see the undercard fighters making extra money

Enemies site profile image  

12/9/12 11:03 AM by Enemies

Life changing. $130K for JOrgensen. Hope he's smart with it.