Ricci: TUF was 'an absolute nightmare'

by Dave Doyle | source: mmafighting.com

"TUF took a lot of what was left as far as humanity and remorse for this sport and people and kind of took it away," said Ricci. "[It] made me realize how much of this sport is just business."

Ricci, who trains at Montreal's famed Tri-Star gym, jumped up from lightweight and was the smallest fighter in the house during a welterweight season. He says that while he knew what he was getting into, the effects of the seclusion was more than he could have imagined.

"It was an absolute nightmare, I wanted to sue for psychological damage, I wasn't the same person," Ricci said. "I actually thought I had a case, ‘I'm not the same person, I can do this and win.' But, I felt like don't get me wrong, I knew what I was getting into I knew how I was going to react. Even some of the producers in the house toward the end were like, ‘Geez, you're the most institutionalized fighter we've ever seen, we've done 11 seasons and we've never seen anyone like you, you're like a robot now.'

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DaemonDragon site profile image  

12/14/12 2:57 AM by DaemonDragon

"people had changed their hairstyle"Hmm. This and the red pants business have me wondering about Ricci...just imagine Ricci's reaction if Rory changed his hairstyle? Would be a traumatic experience for Ricci. Their bromance might be on the rocks if that happened.Hahaha! Voted up :)

Size site profile image  

12/14/12 2:52 AM by Size

I know you're just taking the piss...but what would really fuck one up, would be if Sergio buzzed his faux hawk down to a tight fade, and then changed it up again...then, if you're Mike, you might never see the tight fade, and if you do, it's just some weeks old pic on a social networking site...like seeing a fight weeks after the fact.

Farquit site profile image  

12/12/12 9:41 PM by Farquit


Jambo888 site profile image  

12/12/12 8:49 PM by Jambo888

has to be done... what kind of reality antics could they get without the isolation and abundant booze? 

rumble_fish site profile image  

12/12/12 8:26 PM by rumble_fish

I don't really care that buddy is whining about the house sucking ass cause it probably does, but... Thinking about suing for psychological damage??? That's a straight up bitch move.

cycklops site profile image  

12/12/12 8:03 PM by cycklops

love the new album

jacktripper site profile image  

12/12/12 8:02 PM by jacktripper

My heart bleeds for him

UGCTT_Fillthy site profile image  

12/12/12 8:00 PM by UGCTT_Fillthy

You just described most deployments.   Bored out of your mind in a high stress environment, surrounded by people who would like to literally cut your head off.   Except that if you 'lose a fight' or 'have a breakdown', you watch your friends die.

UGCTT_Fillthy site profile image  

12/12/12 7:54 PM by UGCTT_Fillthy

Not sure what the real number is, but even at a 5% turnover, the US Military is graduating 75k kids a year who go through a lot more isolation and stress than a TUF house.... just sayin'.

Jay-dog site profile image  

12/12/12 7:50 PM by Jay-dog

Hes fighting a Ranger qualified infantryman for the contract and makes silly comments like these. If there is any justice in the world Colton will destroy him. The TUF house would be an absolute vacation for many. If he suffered damage to his psyche its because he is super narcissistic wacko to begin with.