Mousasi: I don't believe I ever trained for a fight

by Joe Chacon | source:

"I was overstrained, not motivated, not training well. I think that had something to do with it. This year-layoff got me hungry again and I'm training really good now. I think, it was good (the layoff), I'm making it a positive thing. I was just fighting. I won the belt in DREAM, I won the belt in Strikeforce, every fight was just a fight, it wasn't something special, it just was getting in the ring and fighting.

I didn't have a lot of motivation the last couple of years, but, I'm really excited to fight and with the idea after this fight maybe I can go to the UFC, so that is very motivating and I am training really well for this fight. Now, I have coaches and sparring partners. I am doing now everything right. Maybe this sounds weird, but, I don't believe I ever trained for a fight. Now, every day I am getting tired. I don't want to go to training. Back then, I used to run a little bit in the morning and do a little bit of sparring and when I would get tired, I would relax.

Now, I have people that are pushing me every day and now I do feel like I am preparing for a fight. I f I go into this fight like how I am training now, I don't see how I can lose. I'm finally feeling that I finally training for a fight. I didn't know MMA fighting, was so difficult, training for a fight."

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Lobo8 site profile image  

12/13/12 4:40 PM by Lobo8

He pretty much said that he would train but he wouldnt push himself, and just coast. He also didnt have any real coaches or legit training partners. Now he has gotten a coach that pushes him, has more training partners and training is more professional.

RoidsGracie site profile image  

12/13/12 4:00 PM by RoidsGracie

When he says he doesn't train I'm assuming he meant he doesn't have full on 8-12 week training camps before each fights like most pros do - not that he doesn't spar or drill or hit the pads at all. I'm guessing he probably trained the way a lot of us amateurs/hobbyists do, making classes whenever we feel like it.

Delorian site profile image  

12/13/12 1:27 PM by Delorian

Gegard is going to lay down some serious beating in the next year. Watch out 205'ers!

Lobo8 site profile image  

12/13/12 1:23 PM by Lobo8

No way mousasi would kick ass easily. Mousasi has been through a rough patch but he is an elite level fighter.

Acidic site profile image  

12/12/12 9:19 PM by Acidic

Been saying this for years lol. Us Armenians always start off demolishing and training our asses off but get to cocky and cut down on everything.    Regardless if hes training at Gokors and has all the guys from Gokors there then he will definitly kick ass. Gokor himself is phenominal on the ground.

Barry_BondsMVP site profile image  

12/12/12 8:51 PM by Barry_BondsMVP

he'd run through Franklin lol

PhantomByte site profile image  

12/12/12 6:18 PM by PhantomByte

Beating the fuck out of a out of shape Jardine that took a fight on short notice isn't something to brag about

CREamed_by_DongJ site profile image  

12/12/12 5:55 PM by CREamed_by_DongJ

I am going to call Roy up and see if he wants to walk Rich out for this one

Olive Garden Table For One site profile image  

12/12/12 5:52 PM by Olive Garden Table For One

Franklin would own that ass

CREamed_by_DongJ site profile image  

12/12/12 5:49 PM by CREamed_by_DongJ

He better start training, I heard a rumor that they're feeding him to Franklin for his UFC debut.I would be terrified if I was a fan of Mousasi, a guy known to gas vs. a guy known to press the pace better than anyone ever.