Carmouche: I have no fear of Ronda Rousey


Rousey will stare into the eyes of 28-year-old Liz Carmouche, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, who served three terms in Iraq, while working as a helicopter electrician.  Carmouche is also the first openly gay fighter in MMA history. It’s a role that she welcomes, cherishes, and embraces.

“I don’t want to hide from it, (being a lesbian), Carmouche told Full Contact Fighter.

Carmouche will be front and center for the world to see when she and Rousey  make history in the first female UFC event in history.  But Carmouche plans to be more than just a footnote in history. She’s planning to stop Rousey in her tracks and emerge as the new women’s face of MMA.

“I have no fear of Ronda,” Carmouche said. “I am ready and excited. I want to make it a war.”

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thatsme site profile image  

12/13/12 10:54 PM by thatsme

Because she has to throw her gayness in our face, Ronda by arm break!

56sav site profile image  

12/13/12 10:39 PM by 56sav

She going to ride a Harley Davidson into the ring and win by carpet munch!!

Clarence Parents site profile image  

12/13/12 4:55 PM by Clarence Parents

Media gives a fuck about it.

bshaw1979 site profile image  

12/13/12 4:46 PM by bshaw1979

Why does she feel that anybody gives a fuck if she like guys or girls.. Fighting has nothing to do with it.

stevekt site profile image  

12/13/12 4:37 PM by stevekt

What happened to the last fighter that was labeled an UNSTOPPABLE FRATE TRANE?

Phil999 site profile image  

12/13/12 4:33 PM by Phil999

and the guys are so quiet in comparison.

MagSlim site profile image  

12/13/12 4:22 PM by MagSlim

The reporter asked ~10 questions and none of them were - how much arm bar defense are you training?I kinda think that might be one of the questions you would ask.

catgobling site profile image  

12/13/12 4:17 PM by catgobling

"the women are running their mouth too much" what does this even mean

catgobling site profile image  

12/13/12 3:59 PM by catgobling

”I believe intelligence and fear are very close together. Guys who say they are not afraid of anything, they are stupid. They are silly to me…I am afraid of everything”-Rickson Graciei put this in a JBJ thread the other day and i thought it was relevant here. i think it is flat out stupid to say that you dont have fear of anything. it shows a total lack of respect and never has any actual basis in reality.break her arm and teach her some respect, Honda

whadafykumeanitstaken site profile image  

12/13/12 2:20 PM by whadafykumeanitstaken

I dont know I have ever felt this way about a fight or a fighter, but I hope Rousey losses. The women are running their mouths to much, DFW is makimg a cash grab, and I want to see how Rousey handles a loss. I feel like she will slimp her shoulders and start crying, then go immediately into making excuses. Maybe I am wrong, but I am interested to see how it plays out.