White: GSP vs. Diaz planned for March 16th

source: mmafighting.com

Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz is all but set for the UFC's return to Montreal.

According to UFC president Dana White, the promotion has offered both GSP and Diaz a fight on March 16 in Montreal for the UFC welterweight title, however, the "deal isn't done" yet, White told MMAFighting.com Wednesday.

Diaz's manager Cesar Gracie confirmed the fight has been offered to Diaz, however, he said Diaz has yet to sign the contract. He was hoping to get that done either today or tomorrow. As far as Gracie is concerned, signing the contract appears to be a formality.

St-Pierre's manager Rodolphe Beaulieu was not immediately available for a comment when reached by MMAFighting.com.

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ntreb23 site profile image  

12/13/12 5:06 PM by ntreb23

Hendricks will get his turn. Diaz was supposed to fight him twice, so third times a charm. I can't wait to buy my ticket.Has anyone heard if they are considering the Olympic stadium foor this one? I know they were considering it for UFC 154 but couldn't because of the CFL possibly playing there on the same weekend.

GtheMVP site profile image  

12/13/12 4:21 PM by GtheMVP

Who cares lol, GSP/Diaz is a money fight, and UFC is as much entertainment/business as it is sport. Hendricks can be a massive star, however, he just has to wait his turn.

GtheMVP site profile image  

12/13/12 4:19 PM by GtheMVP

I can't wait for this, glad Dana didn't wait for either face a new challenger.This fight has to happen now!!

Lazer MMA site profile image  

12/13/12 3:25 PM by Lazer MMA

True but if Hendricks gets hurt and is not the same (guys getting hurt in our game today all the time) WTF then? How do you know who should hold the belt for sure? Because we're so SURE GSP > Hendricks? That does not mean shit! If true #1's are denied, who is the best is in question and if 99 percent of fans think it's not it makes no difference! The proof is in the putting. That's why they fight! To deny a #1 a number one for any consideration at all =MMAE (entertainment)BTW random testing across the board would be cool too. This way fighters (the last being Stun Gun) will not be able to say 80 percent of fighters are on the juice!

rrg1 site profile image  

12/13/12 3:24 PM by rrg1

CorrectThe problem is this; Dana and Co will give these fights because they know people will pay for them. They know that the quality of the fights don't have to be great and that means they don't have to pay as much $$$ out all while raking in $$$. The fans are getting bent over and they're happy about it. Win-win for UFC and morons don't even see it. It's just a little less obvious than having Kimbo fight for a title and charging $60. Dana and Co understand that fans don't care about QUALITY...only entertainment. This is fast becoming WWE.

Godmode site profile image  

12/13/12 2:55 PM by Godmode

I love this fight, but I feel so bad for Hendricks I can't imagine what's going through his head right now.

Dana Stern site profile image  

12/13/12 2:13 PM by Dana Stern

This may be accurate and the reality is the UFC for the most part has given us fans fights that we want to see. They don't always make sense but or happen in the correct order of how they should but atleast at the end of the day we don't have to say "I wonder who would of won if he fought him?"

easedel site profile image  

12/13/12 2:11 PM by easedel

....gtfo with this. Side show shit. Let the guy have a fight or two against a contender to earn a shot. Not a title shot after all the crap he pulled plus coming off a year long suspension

Ironhouse site profile image  

12/13/12 2:08 PM by Ironhouse

New UFC title shot reqs, nvr beat a top ten, lose last fight, fail drug test, get suspended, talk smack? Looks like boxing...

Diaz Shoes site profile image  

12/13/12 1:45 PM by Diaz Shoes

Me too!