Memorial service Saturday for magazine publisher Robert Pittman Sr.

source: The Underground Blog

Robert Pittman Sr., President and CEO of SMP, Inc., publisher of the popular Tapout and MMA Worldwide magazines, passed away recently.

A highly respected and influential figure in the sport, he will be deeply missed by the mixed martial arts community.

Robert Pittman Sr. is survived by a son, the professional MMA fighter and co-Founder of TapouT and MMA Worldwide magazines Bobby Pittman Jr., and a daughter, Nicole “Coley” Pittman-Staab.

The memorial service will be on Saturday, December 22nd at 2:00 PM at Forest Lawn at 4471 Lincoln Ave., Cypress, CA 90630. 

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12/22/12 9:34 AM by bearockbrobama


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12/22/12 12:00 AM by Owned Entertainment

TTT for tomorrow

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12/21/12 4:19 PM by Owned Entertainment

Robert F. Pittman was born on July 2, 1954 and passed away on December 10, 2012. Let it be known that first and foremost Bob loved his family. He was an amazing husband, a dedicated father, a protective brother, uncle and friend to all. He was one of the most giving men you will ever meet, and he made it his life's mission to put a smile on the face of everyone that crossed paths with him along the way. Bob's life was full of accomplishments. He graduated from Marina High School, completed Dale Carnegie Business Training, and he even held the title of being president of ABC/ Capital Cities. Later, he opened Robert John Industries, and won "Entrepreneur of the Year" in 1989. He rose from inserter to partner after 23 years at Trend Offset Printing, and then opened SMP. There, he created and published 3 national newsstand magazines. In order to continue his list of accomplishments, we would need much more paper and ink… but to sum up Bob Pittman, he was a salesman through and through. If you could ask Bob now to look back on what he would consider to be his greatest accomplishment in life, Bob would most likely sum up his greatest joy with one word, "family." Robert is survived by his wife, Sheree; his children, Coley, Bobby, Danny, Tanner, Cody, Nicky; his grandchildren, Haven and Adrian; his sister, Carol; and his brother, Chuck. But… for Bob, the list would continue to include his family, friends, business associates and the many other people whose lives he had touched throughout his life's journey. On Saturday, December 22 at 2PM we will all join together at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Cypress, CA to remember Robert F. Pittman. Saturday will be a day to come together and share the great memories of his life with those who loved him.

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12/17/12 4:38 AM by Owned Entertainment

From his first wife and mother of Bobby and Coley:   James, you have summed him up incredibly well! But he did graduate from Marina High School in 1972. He truly loved his family more than life itself! I was 13 when I met him, he was 14. He felt that his family was his responsibility even then. It's who he was. He was a fantastic father and had a heart of gold. He will be missed by so many.

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12/17/12 2:25 AM by Jason Reinhardt

man this is very sad. :( Bumms me out. I didn't know the man, but have heard so many great things about him throughout the years. i'll be praying for his family. RIP

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12/16/12 5:02 PM by Owned Entertainment

^^^Truth.  I think we even disscussed getting you as a host for the show around that time.  Salesman is the word, he was right out of Glengarry Glenn Ross at  RJ is the only one who I never saw get in trouble while I worked there.  Mr. Pittman was so proud when RJ got into Strikeforce he was emailing everyone about it.   One sad thing too is that Bobby Jr. got a parasite on a trip to Manilla and it got into his spine and he was hospitalized and it was very serious.  He wrestled with RJ in high school and was taking BJJ under Royce and boxed as well.  He was planning to be a fighter up untill the illness.   Aaron Tru ended up fighting and nobody would have expected that.  Never understimate the underdog.    

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12/16/12 10:27 AM by MissRARA

This is very sad to hear. Worked with Bobby during NAMMAE/IMMAE, he always wanted to do something to help the sport grow. I remember going to his office and Bobby telling me all the reasons why I should go to Springfist 2008 to see his employee and son's good friend, RJ Clifford, fight in his second MMA match. A good salesman I tell ya! I was happy I went. Tagg Radio, now MMA Junkie radio, was there too. RJ made it out like a beast and won with what seemed like the whole Marriott cheering for him. I know he took in RJ like a son - he was that type of person. Every time I ran into him at an event he always had a smile on my face. Good guy. My prayers and heart goes out to his family, kids, RJ, and colleagues. Love and Light, Tamara.

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12/16/12 9:44 AM by Kirik


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TTT Adding the update to the original post.. 

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12/14/12 7:32 PM by Owned Entertainment

UPDATE:  The memorial service for Dad will be on Saturday, December 22nd at 2PM at Forest Lawn at 4471 Lincoln Ave., Cypress, CA 90630.  Thanks everyone.   Thank you, Nicole “Coley” Pittman- Staab