Felice Herrig's top 20 sexiest male MMA fighters

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Felice Herrig, who knows a lot about hot, blogs about the 20 sexiest male fighters in MMA.


Theres nothing I love more the the swag a fighter carries. Scars and Cauliflower ears never looked so sexy. Oh and who could forget about my vale tudo shorts fetish??? That always boosts a fighters sexiness up a few notches, unless they dont fill out their shorts, in that case they should have just worn the standard mma fight shorts.

Being a fighter myself, I'm not sure if I could ever date someone who wasn't a fighter. I don't want a pansy ass that I need to protect.

20. Randy Couture - He has some pretty sweet cauliflower ears!
19. Dan Henderson - He's missing a few teeth...but so what.
18. Pat Barry - I really want him to give me a piggy back ride.
17. Anthony Pettis - That sweet as NInja-Matrix kick makes you wonder what other slick moves he's capable of busting out?
16. Shogun Rua - Fills out Bad Boy Vale tudo shorts very nicely.
15. Pat Curran - Theres' nothing I love more then a nice chizzled jaw.
14. Jon Fitch - I dunno what it is.
13. Tyson Griffin - Compact wrestling body.
12. Joe Soto - I wouldn't mind dipping him in my hot cocoa.
11. Thiago Alves -  I wouldn't push him away if he tried to makeout with me.
10. Frankie Edgar - Cute little Italian boy
9. Roger Huerta - Perfect face, perfect body, perfect Ass!
8. Dan Hardy - I love his British accent and his Mohawk!
7. Jose Aldo -  One of the best things about him is that he's portugese and doesnt speak English, so he doesn;t ruin it by opening his mouth like most guys.
6. Joe Rogan - There's nothing I love more then a funny man. *He looks high in this picture*
5. Donald Cerrone - I'm sure he can be quite charming when he's not talking all that s---.
4. Junior dos Santos - I just think he's a God!!!!!
3. Phil Baroni - Most guys who wear their sunglasses at night look like total douche bags. Phil Baroni pulls it off.
2. Miguel Torres - I would be very afraid to fight him.
1. Georges St. Pierre - I would pay top dollar for a pair of his used vale tudo shorts. Maybe I can trade him for one of my muay thai skirts.

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