Roy Nelson KOs Matt Mitrione in 1st


Matt Mitrione was not ready for Roy Nelson.

Nelson (18-7, 5-3 UFC) dispatched the Blackzilians representative with a crushing three-punch combination and follow-up ground strikes in the first round of their main event at “The Ultimate Fighter 16” Finale on Saturday at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

It was over 2:58 after it began.

Mitrione did well for a time, as he belted the former International Fight League champion with heavy kicks to the arms, body and legs. However, Nelson’s punching power made its appearance a little more than midway through round one, as he floored Mitrione with a right uppercut-left hook-overhand right combination. “Big Country” -- whose original opponent, Shane Carwin, withdrew from the event with a knee injury -- finished it with a series of jackhammer right hands on his turtled adversary.

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Matthew Mitrione Vs. Roy "Big Country" Nelson
Fight was scheduled for 5 rounds (5x5x5x5x5)
Name Matthew Mitrione Matthew Mitrione
Height 6′ 3″ (190.5 cm)
Weight 272 (123.38 kg)
Record 5-1-0
Name Roy Nelson <a href=Roy Nelson" />
Height 6′ 1″ (185.42 cm)
Weight 265 (120.2 kg)
Record 17-7-0
-Roy Nelson defeated Matt Mitrione by KO (Punches, 1st Round, 2:58)

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boulder40 site profile image  

12/15/12 11:49 PM by boulder40

I'm bitching about the card!! I wanted to see the Simon Phoenix fight!! Plus I can't say I didn't see this TKO happening.. It was a tko not a ko

UGCTT_Reco Groman site profile image  

12/15/12 11:49 PM by UGCTT_Reco Groman

Spoiler alert mother fucker!Nice title.Suckadick!

shallowkal site profile image  

12/15/12 11:48 PM by shallowkal

You my friend are quickly becoming my favourite poster!VTFU if I wasn't so drunk and clueless

kancho assassin site profile image  

12/15/12 11:41 PM by kancho assassin

That uppercut was nice. Did anyone else notice it was the same strike thrown during Roy's promo vid during his wing chung demo?

HandyDarsh site profile image  

12/15/12 11:39 PM by HandyDarsh


OneTwo17 site profile image  

12/15/12 11:38 PM by OneTwo17

On point again today JOF!Your the man!

Flyers179 site profile image  

12/15/12 11:37 PM by Flyers179

I know its difficult to think in the heat of the moment but I have to think Mitrione drilled a ton on defense for Roy's right hand. So to stand still as Roy walks forward and Matt throws out his lead hand like that just seemed like such a rookie mistake. Again though it is easy to say that in hindsight.

Ludelow site profile image  

12/15/12 11:36 PM by Ludelow

if you bitch about this card, youre a morun

Ludelow site profile image  

12/15/12 11:28 PM by Ludelow

well, dutch muay thai rulezzz