Pat Barry reacts to Sandy Hook mass shooting

source: The Underground Blog

At the The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale on Saturday, Pat Barry scored a spectacular, $40,000 performance-bonus-winning knockout over Shane Del Rosario. But when Joe Rogan interviewed him, and emotional Pat Barry wanted to talk about the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting.

"I woke up yesterday to the worst text message I ever got, about the incident yesterday. Hey, if you've got kids, hug 'em like as if it's the last day. Go hug your parents. Go hug your best friends.

"And if you have any beef with anybody, from 10 years ago, that's over nothing, man tell them you're sorry and you love them. Because you never know what's going to happen.

"Joe, I really want to go home man. Rose I'm coming home. I'm going to hug ya for 15 hours straight."

(1:57 mark)


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MOFuKA site profile image  

12/18/12 8:11 AM by MOFuKA

How can anyone not like Pat Barry? The guy can scrap and he seems like a very good person. Always rooting for him in a fight...

Lazer MMA site profile image  

12/18/12 7:41 AM by Lazer MMA

Sure ignore what matters. The irrefutable numbers over 26K murders in the us by gunshot (20 times more than the rest of developed countries per capita on average).Switzerland LMFAO, review this:

Lazer MMA site profile image  

12/18/12 7:37 AM by Lazer MMA

1 Hr of hell LMFAO! I was directly in front of the the north tower 20 minutes before it fell. My dad worked there. I did not know he was alive until he showed up at my step mothers place of work at about 3 PM. We all knew people who lost relatives. All that is moot too! Who cares what the members said from the UK as well, they see (as does the rest of the world 26K murders here in the US vs less than 400 per capita - 20 times more than the rest of developed countries per capita on average) so they point out the obvious. No need to be butt hurt. Stop the ignorance, stop the murders. If you don't protect the children with armed security guards in the schools as we have an obligation to at least protect them.

Vitor29 site profile image  

12/18/12 7:28 AM by Vitor29

Tell us again how guns cause people to become murderers and then tell us about the out of control gun violence in Switzerland.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

12/18/12 7:18 AM by Lazer MMA

"were talking a little less than 4.5 X the population (US Vs GB)! 4.5 X 70 = Great so we're talking less than 305 murders per capita Vs over 26K. over 26K murders here in the usa. The logic is brutal, IQ oh brother."Stick that gun lobby horse hockey crap up the farthest part of your rear end. If you think there would be 26K murders by gunshot in the usa every year (20X the average of developed countries)if very rigid laws were in effect against ownership you've just been trolled by billions of $$ case closed. Yea we know where the murders are happening. Moot too. Just facts.

Iskalainen site profile image  

12/18/12 6:46 AM by Iskalainen

inb4 Godwin's law.I loved the Barry interview, it hit right in the feels. Barry shows that he is a wonderful human being.

Vulva Fabulous site profile image  

12/18/12 4:51 AM by Vulva Fabulous

It wasn't a troll post. It's just the point that I'm sick of every UKer coming on here preaching how our gun laws are the direct reason for this tragedy. And as for saying I support countless murders, then blow me. I live in CT, I went through 1hr of hell trying to find out if my fiance got killed when she was at the school that morning picking up a foster child for a drs appt and didn't have a cell signal at the drs while I tried to reach her and I won't even get into the fact that I was friends with Vicky Soto's cousins and once again, get off your high horse.

stonepony site profile image  

12/17/12 9:21 PM by stonepony

The entire UK is about the size of one medium sized US state. And, the vast majority of our violent crime, comes from those very specific community-organized little hot spots like Chicago where guns are heavily controlled. Give people back their Constitutional rights in those areas, and the homicide rate drops by half. But... These are just facts. Montana has more guns than anywhere in the world, and less violent crime than anywhere outside of places like Vatican City. AZ deregulated gun ownership, and violent crime has dropped sharply as a result.The concealed carry ban was recently shot down in Illinois. And the crime rate will plummet as a result.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

12/17/12 9:20 PM by DoomFarmer

You deserve a punch in the mouth, Mr. Johnny guitar.

mugatu site profile image  

12/17/12 9:11 PM by mugatu

Barry is freaking awesome