Rustam Khabilov's knockout Tweet

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At The Ultimate Fighter Finale 16 on Saturday night, World Combat Sambo Champion Rustam Khabilov finished opponent Vinc Pichel in unusal fashion.

UFC Co-Owner, Chairman, and CEO, Lorenzo Fertitta described the extraordinary appeal of the UFC in three words. It is a sport that at some point will make you say "HOLY F------ S---."

When Khabilov knocked out Pichel by souplessing him, three times, the last with finality, the sport collectively went "HOLY F------ S---!!?!"


In case you missed that, here is another angle.






Khabilov offered a terse and most memorable assessment, via Twitter.

Rustam Khabilov ‏@KhabilovMMA
My job is to throw him , how he lands is his business

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Marzz site profile image  

12/19/12 12:00 AM by Marzz

In Soviet Russia, Picel suplex YOU.... but not really. site profile image  

12/18/12 11:50 PM by


Enemies site profile image  

12/18/12 10:48 PM by Enemies

How that didn't get KOTN I'll never know.

Garv site profile image  

12/18/12 3:00 PM by Garv

Somewhere, Anthony Macias just got a headache.

Mit site profile image  

12/18/12 2:59 PM by Mit

Everything is a basic's the set up and execution of these techniques that makes them special.

MrVivian site profile image  

12/18/12 2:52 PM by MrVivian

Elementary he says, like tossing another man on his head is no big deal.

Eddy Payeur site profile image  

12/18/12 2:49 PM by Eddy Payeur

In Soviet Russia, you don't have name you have number

KZTT_W85 site profile image  

12/18/12 2:38 PM by KZTT_W85


shmuckothemighty site profile image  

12/18/12 1:41 PM by shmuckothemighty

Ha! I had a Russian Sambo guy use me as the grappling dummy to show this move years ago.He threw me gently on a two foot tall crash mat.It's a terrifying throw.

Crush Crawfish site profile image  

12/18/12 12:54 PM by Crush Crawfish