Bisping: I'm not going to fall down vs. Silva like those 'bums' have

by Matt Erickson |

Michael Bisping appeared recently on AXS TV's "Inside MMA" and detailed why defeating Vitor Belfort makes him the number one contender for UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva's title.

"For me, Christmas is coming late this year," said Bisping. "Normally, it's Dec. 25, or me, Christmas is going to be Jan. 19 when I go down to Brazil, beat the living snot out of Vitor Belfort and take my title fight, my rightly deserved title fight, my long overdue title fight."

"I haven't personally heard anything from Dana or the UFC. I heard him on the weekend say I'd probably get a shot at Silva if I beat Belfort. I honestly believe that I would deserve it. In my mind, Vitor Belfort is the hardest fight in the middleweight division outside of Anderson Silva. My last fight was against Brian Stann. Before that, it was a controversial loss against Chael Sonnen. Before that, I hadn't lost a fight since 2009. So if I beat Vitor, I think I definitely deserve a shot, I'm definitely the No. 1 contender and I'll look forward to facing Anderson."

"Vitor hits hard and he knocks people out. Brian Stann, my last fight – he hits hard, he hits fast and he knocks people out. That wasn't a problem for me. This fight, I believe I've got more tools than Vitor. He's got a great submission game, but I believe I can counter that and I'm not afraid of that. It's funny how black belts go to white belts when you start punching them and elbowing them in the face. So he's going to have to prepare for that. I'm going to fight hard, and I'm going to fight fast. Vitor's good for the first minute, the first round, and after that, he tends to wear a little. This is a five-round fight, and I believe that's better for me and I truly believe I can finish Vitor in his own backyard."

"Anderson is, rightly so, regarded as the pound-for-pound best. What can I do? I've never gotten in with him – I don't know. I believe in myself, I believe in my skills, I believe in my training, I believe in my ferocity as a fighter. I'll get in there and I'll fight him. I certainly ain't going to fall down like some of these bums have done lately."

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Jaybrone site profile image  

12/19/12 8:37 PM by Jaybrone

Can't really argue with this.

FedorEmilioEstevez site profile image  

12/19/12 8:25 PM by FedorEmilioEstevez

So you think he won against Wand or just arguing details of Bisping's loss?

And Wagners Cut site profile image  

12/19/12 6:21 PM by And Wagners Cut

Basically unconscious? You either are or you aren't and Bisping wasn't. So to say he was finished when he obviously wasn't is fucking stupid.

MMA_Hole site profile image  

12/19/12 2:30 PM by MMA_Hole

Ha Ha. Sure mate.

edock02 site profile image  

12/19/12 5:05 AM by edock02

Mate, I was there and the place went nuts!!!Bisping got owned in ufc 110... I guess if he thinks he won that fight then its natural for him to think he will beat the Spider.I can not wa it.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

12/19/12 4:53 AM by chaplinshouse

I said "mostly" soup cans.  do u really want me to make a paste too? As far as you citing those big names to prove your point the UFC doesn't pad his schedule. Wand:  Wand lost 5 of his last 6 when called upon to fight Bisping.  Still, it was a non controversial win for Wand to anyone outside the UK Rashad:  was 100% unproven at that time.  His biggest fight back then was a draw with Tito Ortiz.  Fight he had going into the Tito fight?  Sean Salmon.  May as well talk about how you beat up Fedor when he was 3.  A few things have changed since then.  Chael:  he fought well here which is partly the reason I say "props to his progress".  This fight marks only his 2nd top 10 opponent.  Still, he lost Stann:  Love the guy but he's B level now though some could disagree.  When he fought Bisping no one had him at top 10 Hendo:  NINE fights into his ufc career, he finally gets a top 10er.  It would be another 7 fights after this loss when he got matched to another top 10er Mayhem wasn't "touted" to win Bisping checks in as more than a 2-to-1 favorite to ruin Miller’s return to the big leagues, while Mayhem is pegged as a +165 underdog. also, everyone knows mayhem was massively underachieving in that fight.  He was treated with kid gloves mang.  Rory Macdonald's second fight in, he draws Carlos Condit.  Nick Diaz's 2nd fight in, he draws Robbie Lawler who was a phenom at that time.  Some guys are protected, some aren't.  Good for Bisping, but when he calls other fighters bums it's kind of hypocritical          

Archer0545 site profile image  

12/19/12 4:20 AM by Archer0545

He was basically unconscious after the guillotine, saved by the bell and had to ask his corner what happened? He ended the 3rd flat on his back looking up at the lights again. That's how it works.

AresSmashedPrahjuhdee site profile image  

12/19/12 3:52 AM by AresSmashedPrahjuhdee

if I remember correctly, it was a soccer kick he was getting ready to smash Bisping with.

Soul Gravy site profile image  

12/19/12 3:47 AM by Soul Gravy

LOL There was a moment in their fight when Wand came very close to killing him. You can watch Wand consciously stop the knee he's beginning to throw. Had he thrown it...Bisping would still be eating through a straw.

Frobenius site profile image  

12/19/12 3:28 AM by Frobenius

Oh, guys like Wand (robbed), Rahad (robbed), Chael (robbed), Stann, Hendo (legitimate loss)?Say what you want, but to question the level of competition is ridiculous. Even guys like Mayhem were touted to win, no one expected that to be an easy fight when it was announced (apart from me).