Aleksander Emelianenko retires at age 31


Aleksander Emelianenko, world-class MMA fighter, three-time world Combat Sambo champion, younger brother of Fedor Emelianenko, and scariest man on the planet has retired, following his brother by less than a year, via Facebook.

Dear Fans,

I want to thank you for your support, for having supported me in spite of all that they say about me.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to perform in the ring because of health problems caused by old injuries. Of course, as I am an athlete, it was very difficult to realize and accept.

I am grateful to the fans and partners for their support, for believing in me, I am grateful to my detractors. Your passions always makes me move forward and achieve new results.

I understand that I will face accusations and negative criticism, not related to my direct work. Unfortunately, there will always be people who want to type a lot of negative points in any situation for me. I would not like to comment, explain, or justify. Each of us in this life and does bad and good things. That is our nature. I did a lot in the sport; the example has attracted many young people to the gym. God and time will judge us all.

Now I want to step out of the limelight, and to take control of my health, and my family. I lost my daughter, whom I love very much. Maybe sometime we'll see with you again. Thank you! Be well and believe in God!

Your AE


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Letibleu site profile image  

12/20/12 9:56 PM by Letibleu

Russia’s mixed martial artist Aleksander Emelianenko has announced his retirement after being sacked by promoter M-1 Global for a number of contract violations."Unfortunately, I won’t be able to perform in the ring anymore because of health problems caused by old injuries. As an athlete, it’s very difficult for me to come to terms with this,” Emelianenko Jr wrote in a statement on his website. “I’m grateful to the fans and sponsors for their support and for believing in me. I’m also grateful to my opponents. Your ill-will always made me move forward and achieve new results.""I understand that I’ll now be facing a lot of accusations and criticism, which are unrelated to my direct line of work. Unfortunately, there’ll always be people, who would want to score points for themselves in any negative situation. I wouldn’t like make any comments, explain anything or offer excuses. Every living person does good and bad things. This is what we are. I'm sure that I’ve made a lot for the sport, attracting many young people in the gyms by my example,” he added.The 31-year-old says he plans to concentrate on his family and his health problems.On Tuesday promoter M-1 Global announced the cancellation of their contract with the younger of the Emelianenko brothers."Aleksandr has constantly violated the terms of his contact and we canceled it,” Vadim Finkelstein, M-1 Global president, told “Now he is a free fighter. He’s on his own. Neither I nor (elder brother) Fedor or M-1 aren’t responsible for what he’s doing."Finkelstein didn’t specify the contract violations, but claims the firing followed Emelianenko’s drunken row in Barnaul in the Altai Region.The heavyweight fighter quarreled with flight attendants and passengers on a flight to the tournament in the Altai Region.He then broke the nose of an airport employee and started a brawl in the hotel restaurant where a wedding was taking place.Aleksandr is the younger brother of mixed martial arts legend, Fedor Emelianenko, but he never managed to repeat the success of his close relative.The fighter, known under the nicknames – The Controller, Red Devil, The Grim Reaper, has held 27 MMA bouts, in which he collected 21 wins and suffered 6 defeats.Emelianenko Jr lost by submission to Jeff Monson of the US in his last ring appearance in Saint Petersburg on November 15.

n1ck_bAk3d_d1aZ site profile image  

12/20/12 6:56 PM by n1ck_bAk3d_d1aZ

Damn man, such a shame he never fought in the states. Coulda been something or at least made a little bit of noise.Dude was a beast in pride. One of my favorite pride fight was him v.s Sergi, fuckin' classic. Or how about when he was floating around the ring Ali style lighting up some dude in one of the earlier bushido shows.Like I said before dude coulda been something a little bit more than what he was.

56sav site profile image  

12/20/12 4:17 PM by 56sav

I guess I'm going to be the jerk and say it was probably best he retired given his situation. I've watched nearly all of his fights and am a big fan, but that's really not fair to an opponent in a sport such as MMA. That being said my favorite Alex fight was against Barnett. He gave Josh so many shots the look on his face was like he wanted to GTFO of the ring between rounds & I've never seen anybody do that to him before.

Letibleu site profile image  

12/19/12 4:43 PM by Letibleu

Here are the 2 most memorable moments in one video.

touch site profile image  

12/19/12 3:44 PM by touch

"He had the star tats on his shoulders but they look like they've been covered. Whats the deal?"He got them in prison and couldn't live up to them.

confusionSay site profile image  

12/19/12 3:11 PM by confusionSay

You're cool as F**k. no homo

Drunkenirishfc site profile image  

12/19/12 3:08 PM by Drunkenirishfc

2012 has been a shitty year so many greats have retired thank you aleks best of luck

Sock of Slaw site profile image  

12/19/12 2:47 PM by Sock of Slaw

wish he would rematch kharitinov

PersianMMA site profile image  

12/19/12 2:46 PM by PersianMMA

For those of you who are wondering about Aleks's tatoos, fighters only magazine online did a piece some while ago.'s-Ink--The-secret-story-of-Russian-tattoosAlso a video about Aleks don't understand him retiring. I hope he changes his mind. Injuries can be treated so it can't be that.