Best Kimono ad, ever


The European, Turkish-based Mata Leon Kimonos has come up with the best Kimono commercial, ever.

It stars Elif Domaniç, Gökhan Özouz, Dou Avar, and a shower stall.

Now, go buy a Kimono.


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CindyO site profile image  

12/23/12 4:32 PM by CindyO

AWESOME commercial!!!   Cindy

Samoa site profile image  

12/23/12 2:14 PM by Samoa

Fourth time that week those two guys broke into her house.

Ocean6 site profile image  

12/23/12 2:04 PM by Ocean6

for the unaware... enjoy

Coolface_Awesomeson site profile image  

12/20/12 1:30 PM by Coolface_Awesomeson

Guy who doesn't train here:Isn't it sort of odd for your company that makes gi's to be named after a hold that can only be done by not using the gi?A Mata Leao *is* a rear *naked* choke, right?

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

12/20/12 1:08 PM by ranier wolfcastle

google elif domanic and u will see her topless not quite as hot as i'd hoped but still...

Ocean6 site profile image  

12/20/12 10:07 AM by Ocean6

"Gonna need a bigger cup, that shark is huge"

Crashdt site profile image  

12/20/12 9:16 AM by Crashdt

Sloppy arm bar... I kid I kid, After watching this I let my wife toss on mine and tie a belt up with it (not black...) sans pants, and it was just as amazing as I expected. Only problem is gonna be rolling with the girl in our class now... At least the cup can hide wood.

Ocean6 site profile image  

12/20/12 8:54 AM by Ocean6

I will brook no transgressions against my new girl friend or the company she obviously owns!

Ocean6 site profile image  

12/20/12 8:52 AM by Ocean6

Ever consider the alternative? Doh!

quality site profile image  

12/20/12 7:06 AM by quality

Mata Leao means kill lion in Portuguese, Mata Leon means Kill Lion in Spanish. The literal translation is kill lion, but it's actually el mata leao or el mata leon which means The Lion Killer.I don't think it was a mistake, especially considering a lion is used in the logo.