Rousey: UFC 'more pure' than the Olympics

by Dave Doyle | source:

"The UFC and MMA stuff is so much more pure compared to all that to me," Rousey said. "No one is going to change the rules of MMA because they prefer European style over Japanese style. It's never going to be like that. It will be as close to a real fight as possible and whoever wins, wins.

"I like that there's a lot of money involved, that there isn't going to be people who are selling out for nothing. You can't predict people like that. There are people [in judo] called sellouts, and stabbing you on the back so they can get on some committee that pays you nothing."

Rousey soured on her Olympic experience after coming home from Beijing, where she won the bronze medal at 70 kilograms, and realizing that not only did years of effort do nothing to pay her bills, but there was a clique of people living high off her work.

"The Olympians in our country are pretty much useless," she said. "You spend your whole life trying to get this medal and you don't do it to make money, you do it for your country, for your pride, for your family, and there's nothing set in place for what happens afterwards. They used to have a program where I'd work at Home Depot 20 hours a week and they'd pay me full-time, that was the only Olympic job program I have. There's nothing afterwards. There's no scholarship program, there's no job placement, after you won an Olympic medal and you've spent $100,000, you get 10 grand, which they tax you on. You get 10K for a bronze, 15K for silver, 25K for gold, which you get taxed on, and a handshake. I couldn't even buy a 2005 used Honda Accord LX with that."

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stonepony site profile image  

12/21/12 6:42 PM by stonepony

This obviously went over a lot of peoples' heads... What is the only sport more corrupt than Pro-Boxing? Olympic boxing. Did nobody watch last time? And, ask RJJ. Her point, that went over so many heads here, is that poor struggling athletes who make no money are easy prey for somebody looking to throw some behind-the-scenes cash around. And yes, that is much less likely in MMA, because fighters don't need to sell out in order to pay their rent. She wasn't making some stupid childish comment about how "money is pure", or however the tards are choosing to interpret her statement.Durrr...

IGOTBELCHED site profile image  

12/21/12 3:10 PM by IGOTBELCHED

and ttt to block rousey threads, they're nonsensical spamming articles.

IGOTBELCHED site profile image  

12/21/12 3:09 PM by IGOTBELCHED

If she was a gold medalist in a competitive sport aka male judo or male wrestling then i'd take her opinion seriously, She got a bronze in a division which had like 4 people in it.

thatsme site profile image  

12/21/12 3:03 PM by thatsme

Looks like Ronda is now the latest to swing from DW's nuts.Let's see how he pays her on her Main Event fight. I'll bet it isn't more than $50k

BigSleep site profile image  

12/21/12 2:06 PM by BigSleep

I thought of this thread when i read about the 3 time Olympian turned high priced escort.

8flat site profile image  

12/21/12 1:31 PM by 8flat

This. Her logic seemed mostly completely backwards to me.

fightharder site profile image  

12/21/12 11:31 AM by fightharder

More pay equals more purity?   Jesus christ,if you are going to argue purity of an experience never bring in the whole money argument please.   While i do respect her opinions of some aspects of the Olympics it is pretty obvious that Roussey is a pretty sore loser. However the Olympics are there are still,in terms of purity, above and beyond any professional combat sports. I personally enjoy MMA or boxing (professional boxing) a lot more but Honda is once again spouting silly nonesense. Its a pity because she is a badass fighter and looks like a very cool chick. And then she all ruins it again with some golden nugget of stupidity.

BENDOver 209 Top Team #1 site profile image  

12/21/12 11:27 AM by BENDOver 209 Top Team #1

TTT for Rousey block  

kevsh site profile image  

12/21/12 11:11 AM by kevsh

And so it begins, the Rousey main event is still 2 months away and she's the focus of 4 articles here. I know Firefox has an AdBlock plug-in, is there one to block out Rousey articles?

judoblackbelt site profile image  

12/21/12 6:27 AM by judoblackbelt

This Olympic judo training ground got her to where she is today. Her judo style just happens to fit into MMA. She should be thankful for what what judo did for her. What she says is true for other athletes that don't transition into a career like MMA but have to resume their lives like the rest of us with "broken" bodies.