Kennedy: Fighters pulling out of Strikeforce finale are pathetic


Stephie Daniels publishes let another awesome interview, this time with Tim Kennedy, who is a full-time MMA fighter while continuing his Special Forces career.

Stephie Daniels: You recently tweeted your irritation about the mass exodus of fighters from this card. What's your take on the whole situation? Do you think the injuries are real?

Tim Kennedy: Well, I don't know. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. It's pathetic and convenient for every single marquee fighter in all of Strikeforce, that we all know to be going over to the UFC, are pulling out of their fights, two weeks before the final card. It's like, are you guys fighters, or are you just a bunch of little vaginas?

I'm excited to be on the final show, and I think it's a testament to the guys that are still on the show, that they are actually real fighters, and not just going out there to make a buck and promote themselves. Great things will happen after this.

SD: Do you find it strange that guys that are out of their Strikeforce fights with injuries are calling out UFC fighters?

TK: The whole thing seems like a big bunch of horse s---. Yeah, I'm gonna call all these dudes out, because I'm a super tough fighter, this is MY hood, fight me, blah blah blah, oh wait, I hurt my wrist, and I'm gonna be going to the UFC, so I'm not gonna fight. I'm just gonna wait and fight somebody in the UFC. What? What just happened? Blech. Whatever.

I've never backed out of a fight for an injury. Ever. One time I was asked to take a fight, and I had to decline because I was already injured. I had torn my toe off. I just told them I couldn't do it, not on four weeks notice, directly following having had my toe surgically placed back on my foot, but I've never backed out of a fight I'd already accepted. I'm kind of with Chael Sonnen, where I just don't get guys backing out of fights.

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Recent Comments »

FreakDaddy site profile image  

12/23/12 10:35 PM by FreakDaddy

I don't blame them.....He kills people with his hands......

superCalo site profile image  

12/23/12 10:27 PM by superCalo

Hadnt previously heard of this tim kennedy guy but he sounds double tough, probably from his time spent in the military

sly fox site profile image  

12/23/12 9:52 PM by sly fox

he might finally get the crack at bisping that hes been wanting for so long..

ToneybyArmbar site profile image  

12/23/12 4:38 PM by ToneybyArmbar

They'll prolly sick Kennedy on Stann for revenge on the Marines for ending the sponsorship. Army vs Marines

UGCTT_Pariah site profile image  

12/23/12 4:29 PM by UGCTT_Pariah

Tim Kennedy should avoid being in public after cornering Colton in the TUF Finale and encouraging his fight style.Yes, imad. Lol

Outlaw'd by Lytle site profile image  

12/23/12 3:37 PM by Outlaw'd by Lytle

I doubt he'd get KTFO by the top 11-20, but I see the top ten annihilating him.Silva, Bisping, Weidman etc...The fight they MUST make is Kennedy vs Stann.See who the real 'All American Hero' is. Got my money on Stann.

GriffinQ site profile image  

12/23/12 2:36 PM by GriffinQ

Very confused by the people saying Kennedy is going to get KTFO by any top 20 fighters in the UFC...Went to a competitive decision with Jacare and stayed in all 5 rounds with Rockhold, both of whom were/are top 10. Yet the UFC guys are just gonna murder him...?

mac_timm site profile image  

12/23/12 1:46 PM by mac_timm

I doubt that he is going to get KO'd because it just happens all the time. If Ruckhold, who is a beast, didn't do it then the mid-level UFC middleweights are not going to. I think he is spot on about calling out some of the guys with mysterious, last minute injuries. Strikeforce helped some build their names when the UFC wasn't knocking down their doors, so they could fight that last card. That being said, I actually believe that Melendez and Ruckhold have legit injuries and are not faking it because they both would be in the UFC win, lose, or draw.

mac_timm site profile image  

12/23/12 1:35 PM by mac_timm

Ronda is an excellent athlete, but she is not the reason that WMMA has stormed on to the UFC.If Gina was still an active fighter when Zuffa bought Strikeforce AND the UFC was in the slump that it is in now, then she would have been the first to fight in the UFC. I believe Gina fights still have the highest ratings for an televised WMMA fight. If I am wrong in that statement about the highest televised ratings, I will eat my words.Ronda is being promoted so heavily because there isn't any 135er that will beat her, she has personality, and she is nice on the eyes. I think Cyroids is the most dominant WMMA fighter across the divisions, even off the juice because she did pass multiple test for other fights. I love to see her and Rousey fight.

stonepony site profile image  

12/23/12 5:49 AM by stonepony

Manny and Floyd were in the same weight division. They both had belts. Cyroids is an unlicensed fight in a different division, with no competitors there and no title to defend. Ronda is the marquee WMMA fighter and the reason WMMA has stormed on to the big-show. I don't see where you are getting these comparisons from.