Hendricks: Ellenberger more dangerous than GSP

source: sherdog.com

 Hendricks told Sherdog Radio: "It's not that it's more difficult but, it's a little bit more dangerous, you know what I'm saying? Like I said, you don't know which punch will be the last.

"With GSP, you know where he's going to want to take it, you know he's not going to want to stand with you. He's going to want to go in there set up his jab, throw a few leg kicks, or he's going to get you to the perimeter, to that black line, and you know a double leg is coming. Ellenberger, he is going to try to knock you out before he takes you down."

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UGCTT_EnderTL site profile image  

12/27/12 12:25 PM by UGCTT_EnderTL

"Ellenberger is more dangerous than GSP". That is Hendricks talking out of his ass.. not complaining about being shafted. He can complain about being shafted all he wants, he has the right to. Making baseless statements like the one above is what is losing him popularity.

cward81386 site profile image  

12/25/12 11:22 AM by cward81386

i love mma fans.... how can you like someone less for being upset about being promised and earning a huge payday and a chance to change his life forever but then getting shafted by someone who just lost.If youre so sick of hearing this man complain about not getting his shot and all that to the point you want him to lose? maybe you need to go outside and stop watching mma interviews

LBH_RN site profile image  

12/25/12 1:49 AM by LBH_RN

Whether a title shot does/doesn't make sense for him, its safe to say this fight absolutely doesn't. If he's not gonna get a title shot, give him Rory (arguably the #2 WW). Fuck Rory's butthurt feelings over Condit, make him wait. Win or lose against Hendricks that fight would still be there waiting on him.

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

12/24/12 6:25 PM by Jons Forsberg

Johny is the definition of retard strength.

KZTT_W85 site profile image  

12/24/12 7:50 AM by KZTT_W85


Ya Mon site profile image  

12/24/12 7:27 AM by Ya Mon

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Ya Mon site profile image  

12/24/12 7:27 AM by Ya Mon

Tap or what

Ya Mon site profile image  

12/24/12 7:26 AM by Ya Mon

Problem is UFC s

Ya Mon site profile image  

12/24/12 7:26 AM by Ya Mon


Willy the Coyote site profile image  

12/24/12 6:23 AM by Willy the Coyote

He is right. While GSP is the more difficult fight, Jake packs some serious power in his hands. While I'm not a fan of his complaining, Hendricks does deserve a title shot, and taking a fight with Ellenberger shows serious confidence in his abilities.